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Wonderful Winter Parties

Bring the magic of the festive season to life with one of our Christmas Party workshops.

Throughout this workshop the children will:

  • Take a trip to the North Pole to discover the environment and the animals who live there
  • Learn about the magic of St. Nicholas and the tradition of giving gifts
  • Help to make, wrap and deliver the presents in time for Christmas
  • Sing a classic Christmas song

Emily kept the children engaged and her energy was high throughout. The kids loved the story and the games were engaging. Emily made an effort to include every child. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

– Mrs Vicci Massey

Melissa made Ben feel so special and engaged everyone individually - including Grandma & Grandad. Smiles from start to finish, just what was needed for a second lockdown birthday. So much fun had by all.

– Mrs Laura Rayfield

I feel so lucky we got Melissa to host my son’s birthday party. Everyone loved her! She kept all children entertained throughout, my son and his friends had such a great time! 

– Ms Claire Li

Emily was amazing and created such a fun atmosphere engaging children and parents alike! What is most impressive is that she was able to create a high-energy, creative and fun atmosphere ONLINE!

– Mrs Nelle Dalton

Melissa was fantastic with the children. Lily and her friends really enjoyed themselves. Thankyou for making Lily’s day so special!

– Ms Katherine Greene

Who knew a Zoom party could be so engaging!? Our son had a fabulous time and all the children were engaged with the story throughout.

– Ms Francesca Mosca

Tamsin was very professional before and during the party. I had great feedback from the parents, and the children were super-engaged. Really pleased on how it all went.

– Dr Patricia Fernandez Mella

All the children were included and had great fun. Online parties are a sign of a the times. Melissa made it work very well. It was great to still be able to celebrate with friends.

– Mrs Lynnsey Walker

Emma had a wonderful time and thought Rachel was lovely, engaging and fun. Rachel was also really helpful and enthusiastic when we spoke before the party. Thanks!

– Mr Matt Freeman

Amelie and her friends adored meeting Rachel Mermaid. She was incredible with the children and made Amelie feel so special.

– Mrs Gemma Rumbold

Alternatively, choose one of our creative literature party themes and we will bring to life one of your favourite stories or pantomime tales to life through fun drama activites and games.

Click below to find out more or get in touch if there are other themes you would be interested in.

Peter Pan

You can fly! Children will learn from the master, Peter Pan, himself. The boy who never grows up loves to play in Neverland but there’s a problem. The evil Captain Hook has captured Peter’s friend, Wendy. She is about to walk the plank and plummet into shark-infested waters. Will your class be able to save her?


Dancing through a village of colour and taking a magic carpet ride into the world of their own imagination, children will be whisked on an enthralling adventure to the Cave of Wonders to find the enchanted lamp and rescue the genie. The clock is ticking and you only have 1 hour before the cave closes and Aladdin is stuck in the cave forever. Will you make it in time?

Beauty & the Beast

Be transported into a magical world. In this tale as old as time, the children will go on a enchanting adventure, set within the classic story of Beauty & the Beast.

Belle needs rescuing from The Beast's castle. But will they be able to get there before the final rose petal falls? Can they defeat Gaston at the same time? And just who is this Beast anyway?

See this classic tale come to life. Expect magical happenings, lively characters and a story to enthrall. 

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

An adventure awaits on the other side of the wardrobe.  Join Susan, Peter, Edmund and Lucy as they battle the White Witch and cheer Aslan the Lion. With magical creatures, snowy landscapes and a triumphant royal victory, Narnia is the perfect destination this festive season..

The Ice Queen

Ana, Princess of Arendelle introduces the children to her sister, Queen Elsa who has a chilling magical power - everything she touches turns to ice. It’s always winter in Arendelle and poor Ana is constantly f-f-freezing. She has to take action but can’t face climbing the North Mountain alone.

Luckily, she has a team of brave helpers. The children will lead the way to the summit, defeating the evil snow monster, Marshmallow, and outwitting wicked wolves, including the Chief Wolf. Victorious, they celebrate with songs, surprises and a big mug of hot chocolate to warm them up!

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