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INSET Workshops

INSET Workshops

Using drama to inspire creative ways of teaching

Perform For Schools INSET workshops have been developed to provide a focused and inspiring set of skills, best practices and resources on the use of drama to inspire creative ways of teaching across the curriculum.

Literacy INSET - This workshop focuses on ways that teachers can develop literacy skills across the curriculum using drama. Whether in Maths, History, Geography or Science, drama offers multiple ways to link topics with reading and writing improvement. Includes producing comprehensive visual resources and worksheets on your choice of topics.

Creative Learning INSET - This workshop helps teachers use drama as a creative way of teaching across the curriculum. It provides a set of skills, best practices and resources and is available in Basic (for teachers who have never used drama in the classroom before) and Advanced modules.

Both workshops include detailed information, advice and examples of physical and vocal warm-ups, ice-breaker games, control commands, role-play improvisation exercises and movement expression.

Our term time INSET workshops are available during school hours or as twilight sessions. For more information or to book, click here to contact us or book online.

Laura had lots of energy which motivated the children

– Mrs Y Healy

The children really enjoyed themselves and loved the workshop, thank you!

– Ms. F Webber

The workshops were very creative and encouraged the children to use lots of vocabulary and their imaginations. Thank you again.

– Liz Jenkins - Newton Preparatory

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the session.

He pitched the level of the session well for my mixed age range children.

– Alison Canning

Bella is amazing!! She is so engaging and the children loved the session. She had great control on all the children and made the lovely fun. Thank you, Bella- we will definitely have you back!

– Mrs L Davey

The children loved it and really got involved. We have had workshops led by Lucy before and they have always been a success.

– Tina Sharman - Southville Infant & Nursery

Lucy captivated the childrens imagination in a fun and engaging way. She pitched all 4 sessions at just the right level and her energy and enthusiasm never failed.

– Caroline Markham - Broadhurst

What a great day. The children had a fun time, and were all engaged throughout. We will definitely be booking again.

– melanie miah

Kirstie was firm but fair. The children responded well to her and as always there was plenty packed into the session. We look forward to the remainder of the workshops. Thanks

– Jeannette Burgues - SSPP Primary School

Teachers all said children greatly enjoyed the workshops and talked enthusiastically about the content.

– Irene Johnston - Lowther Primary
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