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What parents say about Perform holiday courses

Most parents find out about Perform from word of mouth and we are always looking for feedback and comments to help us improve what we do. Here are some of the most recent comments we have received about our weekly classes. Alternatively, watch our video or check out our reviews on Facebook and Google

Abi had an absolutely brilliant 3 days, very pleased and impressed, thank you so much! As a working parent, it's wonderful when you can send your child to a holiday course and they come back buzzing, happy and exhausted all at once! I can assure you, not all achieve this.

– Mrs Caroline Cooper

Both our kids really enjoyed the holiday course and were singing all the songs each night (with actions!). A big thank you to all involved. The leaders were enthusiastic and helpful from start to finish.

– Mr Mark Curtis

Cora had a wonderful time. She was so happy to be back at Perform and with other children. She loved the story and production. The producers are great at treating the children with care and respect; letting them know what is happening, so they feel grown up!

– Ms Cherie Nelson

Absolutely amazing experience for both my son and us as parents. He became so confident through the week, despite saying he was nervous for the show. There aren’t enough words to describe our appreciation. Thank you!

– Ms Andreea Natapov

The team did an amazing job under the difficult circumstances of covid. We were so pleased you were able to run the course and appreciate all the measures you took to keep the children safe - without compromising the fun.

– Mrs Helen Bolton

Noa made friends and absolutely loved the course and teachers. Aled was a great producer and when Noa asked if she could do some singing he made sure she could. Thanks for putting on a fab camp!

– Ms Karen Katz

Chloe and her team were incredibly engaging and supportive - thank you so much!

– Ms Grace Ainley

The teachers did amazingly well and the children were beaming during the performance. Even the shy children were smiling and confident by the end of the week. Job done Perform!

– Mrs Francesca Murray

Thank you so much. You did so well under very difficult circumstances and the boys both loved it.Many thanks for all of your incredibly hard work and enthusiasm.

– Miss Katherine Jones

My daughter Jimena really enjoyed her week at Perform. It has been a challenge for everyone to adapt to the new norm due to Covid and I think you have done beautifully.

– Ms Barbara Hurt

This was Hannah-Rose's first time doing the course and she had so much fun. The course offered everything she enjoys doing in one - singing, dancing, role playing and playing with friends.

– Mrs Pat Fraser

Thankyou very much, Elemie LOVED IT! It was great getting the daily reports of what they had been up to.

– Ms Emma Guirao

Perfect course for my 5 year old daughter, such a professional set up. I love the fact Perform focuses on social skills and having fun and is not a pushy stage school.

– Mrs Lauren Michalos

Rachael is a wonderful teacher. She was always lovely with kids and they had an incredible time.

– Miss Alex Frazier

What they achieved in 5 days was impressive considering that all age groups from 4 to 10 were represented. My daughter was really happy to be there and I was very impressed.

– Ms Cristina Castillo

Jacob is autistic and enjoys his weekly classes on Mondays. We wondered if he could cope with the holiday course though and he did, no meltdowns, and had a fun time. He loves the attention and kindness. This must be down to the experience of Perform teachers. 

– Mrs Janice Hawkins

My daughter loved this session and was full of positive things to say about it. She said it was so fun and she made 3 new friends.

– Mrs Gina Almond

Olivia says: "It is the most amazing thing and I love Perform!"  It’s amazing what you can accomplish in three days! The courses are so much fun and we will defintiely be back. Thank you!

– Mr Pieter De Waal

The teachers were so fantastic with the kids. I’ve rarely seen such enthusiasm and energy of that quality from people working with younger children. They really made it for Henry. He was so excited to go off every day. He loved the songs and the acting and how funny the teachers were. 

– Ms Michelle Springer

It was lovely to see Diarmuid walk in and get stuck in straight away, especially as he was crying most of the morning worrying about it. On collection he seemed so happy. It was obvious to see he had enjoyed himself and he has already asked to go again.

– Miss Stacey Armiger

It was above Naomi's expectations and she would to come back.

– Miss Patricia Zadi

Tom loved his time at Perform. It was obviously a brilliant experience for him and I felt very reassured leaving him there for the 3 days. Thank you.

– Ms Clare Bradbury

My child LOVES Perform. She enjoys spending time with her friends and getting lost in the stories. She also met people she wouldn’t have met anywhere else!

– Mrs Gemma Nicholson

The team were so professional and the production was amazing! So incredible what they managed to put together in 3 days!

– Mrs Melanie Johnson

Ella had such fun and was so proud to be able to perform for her family. We enjoyed the show enormously. Thank you so much for creating such a fun and happy environment for the children.

– Ms Michele Meldrum
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