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What parents say about Perform holiday courses

Most parents find out about Perform from word of mouth and we are always looking for feedback and comments to help us improve what we do. Here are some of the most recent comments we have received about our weekly classes. Alternatively, watch our video or check out our reviews on Facebook and Google

Really excellent engaging teacher/leaders. Oliver loves Perform. He will definitely do attend additional sessions as it is a superb, fun & positive learning experience.

– Ms Renee Toft

Drou, Katie and the rest of the team we’re brilliant. Freya loved it. It was also the first time she didn’t get overwhelmed in front of the audience. We were so proud of her and she was so chuffed too

– Mrs Claire Williams

Samih enjoyed himself so much this week and seemed to develop in confidence from this experience. He learned the songs so quickly and managed to keep up with everything going on despite being the youngest. I was very impressed.

– Nadia

George absolutely loved The Secret Garden course this week and the virtual show was SO brilliant. We feel very lucky to have Perform in our lives. Thank you!

– Mrs J Harrison

We are used to the high standard of all Perform "products", the weekly classes and the party we recently held are always outstanding, and Grace loves it all. May I say that this course really managed to blow us away! The script was fantastic, the songs have been played in our home on repeat and the show was really extraordinary!

– Patricia Durao Lewi

This was Oscar’s first time at Perform and he thoroughly enjoyed it! Every day, he came home singing the songs and was really engaged with the play. The teachers were brilliant and super encouraging, so much so, he now wants to start weekly classes! A real success, so thank you!

– Mrs Amel Elliott

The kids had a wonderful week. You kept them engaged and excited for more every day. They grew massively in confidence over the week and I was so impressed by their performance it was beautifully put together.

– Mrs Amy Morton

Excellent, my son had a wonderful time & thoroughly enjoyed the experience

– Dr Anita Jatan

Molly loved this course and I was impressed by what they achieved in 3 days.

– Mrs Georgina Laing

My daugther had an amazing time. Each time we drive past the place where the course took place she says she wants to go back to see Sam and Tim!

– Ms Maud Labat

Sophia LOVED every minute of it and it has worked wonders with her confidence. I will be recommending Perform to all I speak with.

– Sara Pengelly

My daughter loved this session and was full of positive things to say about it. She said it was so fun and she made 3 new friends.

– Mrs Gina Almond

My daughter Jimena really enjoyed her week at Perform. It has been a challenge for everyone to adapt to the new norm due to Covid and I think you have done beautifully.

– Ms Barbara Hurt

Aled was amazing, always enthusiastic and welcoming, even before day 1 with his introductory email. Clare also made it really enjoyable for Emilia; she had a great week, thank you.

– Ms Caroline Murphy

It was a wonderful week for Alex, filled with great fun and a major learning experience. I strongly recommend it to all children, especially if you want to boost their social skills. Thank you Perform Team

– Mrs Izabela Bukowska

My two sons had a wonderful week in Neverland. I can really see the development in both of them - the little one in particular was a bit shy and timid when he tried Perform for the first time last summer, but last week he was loud and proud! Such a great confidence booster in a creative setting. Many thanks!

– Ms Emily Cox

Noah did Perform for the first time in the summer and came out of the class shouting “I loved it” without being prompted! We therefore decided to do the October half term course as well. 

– Mrs Eleni Richards

V impressed as was concerned it was expensive but well worth the money.

– Anna Moore

I was genuinely overwhelmed by how much ALL of the children enjoyed it and what they where able to accomplish over the three days. Incredible. I would book this over and over again. Fabulous!

– Mrs Sarah Stephens

Phoebe loved the course so much! She came out happy and had found her love of performing again, feeling well supported by Rachel. She had a fantastic 3 days and we will be booking more in future.

– Mrs Nicci Pickup

Roxy had a lovely time and really enjoyed the performance.

– Ms Danielle Mcmullan

The team were so professional and the production was amazing! So incredible what they managed to put together in 3 days!

– Mrs Melanie Johnson

Both my children have thoroughly enjoyed the courses they have attended. They have helped to boost their confidence and communication skills and develop their imaginations. 

– Mrs Jenny Wall

Both boys absolutely loved the Perform. The camp was well organised and the staff were incredibly personable, help and very kind to the children.

– Mrs Dalia Jennings

Stanley and Herbie enjoyed the Wizard Of Oz course so much. Stanley said that he would like to do the class "every day, forever!" It’s been brilliant and has boosted their confidence.

– Miss Katherine Jones
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