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What parents say about Perform holiday courses

Most parents find out about Perform from word of mouth and we are always looking for feedback and comments to help us improve what we do. Here are some of the most recent comments we have received about our weekly classes. Alternatively, watch our video or check out our reviews on Facebook and Google

Ella went in to class with a smile, performed with a smile and came out of every rehearsal smiling, singing and full of joy. She had a wonderful time, thank you.

– Ms K. Dubbin

This was the second holiday course Thomas has done and he absolutely loved it and you can see how much his confidence has grown

– Mrs Michelle Allen

Alexander loved every minute of the course, thank you.

– Mrs C. Patel

Katya thoroughly enjoyed holiday course and we loved watching the final show via video link. Children were all super enthusiastic. I thought that daily progress emails were super useful and lovely to receive. Thank you, Claire, and thank you, Perform!

– Mrs Inna Elwell

High energy and clearly a lot of hard work put in by the producer and teachers. Thank you! Our son loved it and wants to do more classes.

– Mrs S. Minett

Minnie knew nobody at the start of the week, but came away with a new set of friends. It was the perfect dress rehearsal for school in September. She absolutely LOVED it! Thank you for an amazing week.

– Mrs Rebecca Dawes

Charlie loved the course - came out each day very happy and chatty about what he’d been up to and he was delighted about taking part in the play (and we loved watching him in it!). Lovely teachers, a great experience all round.

– Miss Nicola Bell

Molly loved this course and I was impressed by what they achieved in 3 days.

– Mrs Georgina Laing

We love your courses and workshops and so does our daughter Maria. Everybody from your team is absolutely incredible and Robyn was such a star. Thank you for everything you are doing.

– Rodika Kiriac

Anthony had a brilliant time - and I was so impressed at the performance. His lines were audible and he was clearly loving being on stage. It brought tears to my eyes.

– Name supplied

Diya absolutely loved her week. She was so happy to go every day and is excited to join your term time classes. The performance was lovely. I really appreciated how Olivia, Rachael and Moya ensured that each child had a voice and a presence in the play - very inclusive. 

– Shilpa Bhandarkar

My daughters have absolutely loved the camp this week. The teachers were so enthusiastic, encouraging and kind. The performance was so impressive, a testament to their hard work and teaching approach.

– Mrs Nicola Mehta

Both teachers were very good at being patient and encouraging my son who was extremely nervous. He couldn't stop talking about them and their jokes by the end of the week.

– Aimee Driscoll

Olivia absolutely loved the camp and was thrilled to be a wicked witch in the performance. Her front wobbly tooth fell out just one day before the show. Perfect timing for the witch image:)

– Mrs Kasia Bitel

What they achieved in 5 days was impressive considering that all age groups from 4 to 10 were represented. My daughter was really happy to be there and I was very impressed.

– Ms Cristina Castillo

Teachers were very friendly and energetic. My two children were engaged immediately to the class environment and they seemed very happy. They told me they made two new friends in the class:)

– Mrs Canna Zhang

Johan thoroughly enjoyed the course, and it was noticeable that his concentration was improved by the experience, one of the primary reasons I chose this course. Well done to the teachers, Ollie and Karen.

– Mrs Christine Griffiths

I absolutely love Perform classes and Ayah adores Miss Paige. It was a wonderful production, the kids loved it! I was especially pleased that you guys were able to accommodate Zidan’s Allergies. The entire experience has been quite wonderful.

– Ms Manahil Al Adawi

It was amazing! The kids came home singing and dancing the songs from the first day. They absolutely loved it!


– Mrs Rosa Roca

Matilda says it was epic and that she wants to go again every week. She really enjoyed it and mad lots of new friends. We are still singing the songs and have had a weekend of 'I miss Perform' and a few tears that it is over.

– Nicola Hill

Maxi absolutely loved every second of what was his first ever summer course. He didn’t stop singing the songs all week and the performance on the last day was very impressive, given the time they had. 

– Mr Mark Anderson

Phoebe loved the course so much! She came out happy and had found her love of performing again, feeling well supported by Rachel. She had a fantastic 3 days and we will be booking more in future.

– Mrs Nicci Pickup

This is the first time Nancy has attended Perform. I have been blown away with the communication and professionalism of staff. Nancy has had a ball and we were all very proud of her today.

– Nicole Waters

My son was delighted to be back for the October half- term Jungle Book course. He enjoyed the drama, singing, dancing, games and other fun elements of the course. It has boosted my son's confidence to perform in front of an audience.

– Dr Preetha Prasannan

My kids absolutely loved the course. Both said how brilliant it was, how much they enjoyed the teachers, and how much they want to attend regular courses!

– Dr Danielle Factor
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