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What parents say about Perform holiday courses

Most parents find out about Perform from word of mouth and we are always looking for feedback and comments to help us improve what we do. Here are some of the most recent comments we have received about our weekly classes. Alternatively, watch our video or check out our reviews on Facebook and Google

Teddy really enjoyed the holiday course and is already asking for the next one!

– Ms Kerrianne Enright

Aron enjoyed the classes a lot. Aled was great with the kids, very engaging and expressive. He's a super teacher and this was a super activity for half-term lockdown. Aron is looking forward to trying the weekly workshops.

– Mrs Sandra Van Den Ordel

My son absolutely loved it! He was a bit shy on the first day but his confidence built over the week and he keeps asking when he can do it again!

– Mrs Kerry Ewing

Grant was amazing. He engaged the children so well and my son looked forward to the class every day. I would 100% recommend this course. With isolation rules, it is perfect for keeping children active and happy.

– Ms Maria Diz Monreal

The content was fantastic, age appropriate and Charlotte seemed to love every single minute of the week’s course. She was totally immersed. Katie was really enthusiastic, engaging and kept the children completely involved from the start on Monday.

– Mr Stephen Riley

Rory absolutely adored this programme—seriously I have rarest seen him so excited!

– Dr Julie Crockford

Eva was a chatty, excited girl after every day. And exhausted! We’re so happy she had such a great time and thanks for an excellent course.

– Ms Kelly Du Preez

Excellent course - Karen and Holly were engaging and energetic throughout. Annabel loved it!

– Ms Lisa Slater

Rory just adored this class! It was the highlight of everyday during the Easter holidays!

– Dr Julie Crockford

My daughter learnt so much and I could see her becoming more and more confident from one day to the next. It was so entertaining and dynamic and Jordan was very encouraging, explaining all the moves so clearly. We loved the show!

– Mrs Mihaela Popescu

Yara loved the course, especially the singing, and said she'd give the teachers 5 stars! She enjoyed making new friends and it definitely increased her confidence.

– Mrs Rima Kobeissi

Isabella loved it. She was kept interested and engaged and Naomi ensured every child got a turn at the games and exercises. I would certainly recommend.

– Mrs Simone Farmer

My daughter loved it which was fantastic for us both! Thank you so much.

– Miss Claire Milligan

Cleo really enjoyed learning the songs and was so proud of herself for her solo singing. She loved meeting new friends, wearing the costumes and the arts and crafts. Thankyou for taking such good care of her.

– Ms Joanna Gibbons

Elias absolutely loved it! Aled was so welcoming and lovely. Elias felt so comfortable and so excited to get inside. I think it's so important for children to have a teacher like Aled, full of energy, very friendly and fun!

– Mrs Kawtar Horn-Smith

Rhia and her team were exceptional. I'm so pleased the children are getting this crucial opportunity to interact and utilise their magical emotions.

– Miss Isabel Pollen

The boys had a great time, it was a wonderful course, we will be signing up to the weekly classes!

– Mrs Fiona Toomey

Rachel was absolutely fabulous, engaging Kian and the other kids in the class. Through out the week, it was fab seeing Kian jump and dance and sing with Rachel.

– Mrs Sravya Gupta

Our son totally loved the three days. Our son can be very shy and reluctant. The three days has given him lots of new confidence and he is still singing the songs! In these challenging Covid times, this is just what he needed to give him a boost and in turn, made us smile.

– Dr Victoria Dublon

Elisa already loves her Saturday sessions with Jenny and now she wants to do this every holiday as well!

– Ms Hannah Logan Moll

Incredible effort the team did in just 5 days. The show was brilliant and we enjoyed every second. My son and daughter were so proud to be part of the show and made lots of new friends. My son used to be shy but he was a ray of sunshine in the show; loud, clear and cheerful.

– Dr Ebtehal Hamed

Leo had such a wonderful week. He was brimming with enthusiasm after every session. We really enjoyed the performance on the last day, it was fantastic that they had achieved so much in only a week.

– Mrs Ruth Sorsa

Wonderful week, thanks so much! My kids were so happy and motivated each day.

– Ms Naomi Billington

Esther continues to love this holiday camp, where she has a lot of fun with staff and friends. As parents, we liked she had more lines to remember this time and we were proud of her accomplishment in the performance.

– Mr Herve Wanlin

Sofia very much enjoyed her three days at Perform and had great things to say about her experiences each day. She particularly found the staff to be engaging and quite fun in general. Thank you for a brilliant tim !

– Mrs Ruhina Begum
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