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What parents say about Perform holiday courses

Most parents find out about Perform from word of mouth and we are always looking for feedback and comments to help us improve what we do. Here are some of the most recent comments we have received about our weekly classes. Alternatively, watch our video or check out our reviews on Facebook and Google

Sophia gained a lot of confidence during the course. She enjoyed it very much and made some lovely friends.

– Ms Camila Ramirez

Teachers were very friendly and energetic. My two children were engaged immediately to the class environment and they seemed very happy. They told me they made two new friends in the class:)

– Mrs Canna Zhang

I absolutely love Perform classes and Ayah adores Miss Paige. It was a wonderful production, the kids loved it! I was especially pleased that you guys were able to accommodate Zidan’s Allergies. The entire experience has been quite wonderful.

– Ms Manahil Al Adawi

My son was not particularly keen to go to Perform. However, he absolutely LOVED his week with Sam and the team to the extent that on the last day he asked to go back again next week. They all seemed to have so much fun and I couldn't believe what a wonderful play they produced. 

– Alex Estwick

I was genuinely overwhelmed by how much ALL of the children enjoyed it and what they where able to accomplish over the three days. Incredible. I would book this over and over again. Fabulous!

– Mrs Sarah Stephens

Anthony, Jess and Olivia were fantastic, such great energy, and they were fabulous with the kids. We will definitely be recommending the holiday courses and attending again.

– Caroline Holmes

Really impressed, especially given the time constraints and Covid. Hector was a bit reluctant to go in each day but then had a great time. He’s even opted to do a trial with Sian next week.

– Mrs Gemma Bowles

Isla really loved her course. She was very excited about learning the songs and loved the teachers.

– Mrs Rowena Douloubakas

Isabelle really enjoyed the experience. It was her first time with Perform and drama overall apart for some activities at school.

– Mrs Michela Casaldi

Fantastic experience! My girls had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back. I can really see how this will bring out my eldest's confidence and start my youngest on a path of performing singing and dancing!

– Mrs Jessie Freeman

Very impressed with this holiday course. My daughter really enjoyed herself and the show at the end was excellent.

– Alison Marsh

I was so impressed by how much the children learnt and achieved over the 3 day course. Amber had a blast! Thank you!

– Ms Carol Slater

Anna had a fantastic two days at Perform. The staff engaged her fully and gave her the opportunity to participate in a very good production. We shall be booking onto the Easter course!

– Rachel Cunliffe

The course was excellent and Hendro loved it. He had the best time and was buzzing after the show.

– Ms Elzane Pretorius

The teachers did amazingly well and the children were beaming during the performance. Even the shy children were smiling and confident by the end of the week. Job done Perform!

– Mrs Francesca Murray

This was Stella's first experience of perform. It was amazing to see her joining in, doing the moves and the singing and to hear her say her line and her name at the end of the performance was just amazing! Stella had a great week and the performance was superb!

– Katie Simmonds

Noa made friends and absolutely loved the course and teachers. Aled was a great producer and when Noa asked if she could do some singing he made sure she could. Thanks for putting on a fab camp!

– Ms Karen Katz

Cora had a wonderful time. She was so happy to be back at Perform and with other children. She loved the story and production. The producers are great at treating the children with care and respect; letting them know what is happening, so they feel grown up!

– Ms Cherie Nelson

It was simply incredible; the positive energy and the obvious joy on everybody's face - teachers as well as children. The end result was very impressive, not only by its quality but also by the pride they all took in singing, dancing and listening to each other's lines. 

– Lorraine Schmitt

My son was delighted to be back for the October half- term Jungle Book course. He enjoyed the drama, singing, dancing, games and other fun elements of the course. It has boosted my son's confidence to perform in front of an audience.

– Dr Preetha Prasannan

Thank you Rhia and team. You did such a brilliant job. I can only imagine the effort that must have had to go on behind the scenes. We love the Perform approach and Louis enjoyed the course a lot.

– Mrs Emma Laney Smith

It was above Naomi's expectations and she would to come back.

– Miss Patricia Zadi

Matt was absolutely amazing as usual. My daughter loves these holiday workshops - school holidays wouldn't be the same without them! 

– Ms D. Marks

Sophia and Victoria enjoyed their Perform holiday course very much. They loved EVERYTHING they did there and the final performance was fabulous!

– Mrs E Tyukova

My daughters have absolutely loved the camp this week. The teachers were so enthusiastic, encouraging and kind. The performance was so impressive, a testament to their hard work and teaching approach.

– Mrs Nicola Mehta
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