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What parents say about Perform holiday courses

Most parents find out about Perform from word of mouth and we are always looking for feedback and comments to help us improve what we do. Here are some of the most recent comments we have received about our weekly classes. Alternatively, watch our video or check out our reviews on Facebook and Google

Thank you Laura & team for making Anabelle's half term so special and  memorable. She loved it.

– Kelly Edwards

Our son totally loved the three days. Our son can be very shy and reluctant. The three days has given him lots of new confidence and he is still singing the songs! In these challenging Covid times, this is just what he needed to give him a boost and in turn, made us smile.

– Dr Victoria Dublon

Really a wonderful experience for Megan and Melanie. We would recommend it to everyone!

– Ms May Liang

Edith loves Perform and the teachers were great. It is amazing just how much they learn in 3 days ! The performance at the end was excellent.

– Ms Imogen Planner

I love it. The kids love it! We all love it!

– Emma Jacobs

Rachael is a wonderful teacher. She was always lovely with kids and they had an incredible time.

– Miss Alex Frazier

Absolutely brilliant! Isla thoroughly enjoyed it and I was amazed at the progress in 3 days! Couldn't stop grinning during the performance.

– Seema Hope

My boys had a wonderful 3 days which was topped by a lovely performance. I have no doubt they will still be singing the songs in the months to come!

– Mrs Maureen Williams

Ariya loved the teachers, who were really kind, and all the dancing. Maya loved the songs and the fun games. All in all, it was awesome.

– Ms Amisha Tanna

Aled was a joy to deal with and Bethan loved every minute of her time at Perform - thank you all so much.

– Mrs Charlotte Jacob

Rory absolutely adored this programme—seriously I have rarest seen him so excited!

– Dr Julie Crockford

Both girls enjoyed it, especially Amelia (aged almost 8) and the enthusiasm of the teachers was infectious. Lucy (who is only 4) had a wobble on one day and was reluctant to go in, but she got over it! It was a really positive experience for them.

– Kirsty Morley

It was Alice and Eva's first introduction to Perform and they had a whale of a time. The energy of the instructors was superb and the girls were genuinely exhausted by bed time, which takes some doing! They came home full of excitement and enthusiasm.

– Ms Marie-Sophie Raskin

Cora had a wonderful time. She was so happy to be back at Perform and with other children. She loved the story and production. The producers are great at treating the children with care and respect; letting them know what is happening, so they feel grown up!

– Ms Cherie Nelson

Rhia’s attention on Mira was fantastic. She was very kind and caring. We also loved the overall attention on fun and confidence building rather than the performance itself. 

– Mrs Mine Dogan

I absolutely love Perform classes and Ayah adores Miss Paige. It was a wonderful production, the kids loved it! I was especially pleased that you guys were able to accommodate Zidan’s Allergies. The entire experience has been quite wonderful.

– Ms Manahil Al Adawi

Jess throughly enjoyed the online holiday course. It was so lovely to see her so happy and engaged in the activities. Thank you!

– Mrs Julie Hanson

What a fantastic week! Both my twin daughters (aged 6 years) had a wonderful time, all the staff were so understanding, caring & supportive. Each evening I looked forward to receiving Matthew's emails, the emails were informative & entertaining to read, very much appreciated!

– Julia

Maia and her friends loved the workshop and would love to do more!

– Miss Nicola Bedford

I'm delighted at how much my two girls enjoyed this workshop. They were both completely enthralled and loved every minute. They thought Sam and Tim were both great and they loved all the games, songs and fun! It was a treat to see them so engaged and loving the show so much too. Well done Sam and Tim, and thank you so much for all your hard work, positivity and high energy!!!

– Ms Catherine Chamberlain

All fantastic - a really amazing week. We will definitely do a holiday course again and recommend your incredibly professional and amazing courses. Thank you.

– Dr Daisy Gardener

Sophia LOVED every minute of it and it has worked wonders with her confidence. I will be recommending Perform to all I speak with.

– Sara Pengelly

Both of my childern had a blast and loved every second of The Secret Garden holiday course. It was brilliantly run, in a covid-safe way, whilst ensuring the children had fun and felt involved. It helped them get ready for the "new normal".

– Miss Julie Mcquaid

I think the Woking Perform Team did a marvellous job. My daughter really enjoyed her week with Perform. I was a little anxious my 'nearly' four year old would be too young but she fitted in and had a really super time. 

– Angelina Richards

It was above Naomi's expectations and she would to come back.

– Miss Patricia Zadi
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