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Weekly drama classes for children aged 4-7

If you are considering acting classes or drama classes for your child aged 4, 5, 6 or 7, then you've come to the right place.

Perform is a different type of drama school. We use a unique mix of drama, dance and singing - specially developed by us - to bring out every 4-7 year old child's true potential using the performing arts.

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What can the performing arts do for my child?

Child development is at the heart of everything we do, so our weekly classes for 4-7 year olds will boost your child's confidence, improve their concentration and give them a creative outlet to make friends and have fun.

We have developed a unique curriculum especially for this age-range using a mix of energetic games, catchy songs and funky dances to help bring out children's true potential. All class materials are written by us and each term there's a different theme to keep young imaginations buzzing. See below for the class structure. 

How Perform is different

  • Unique performing arts-based games and exercises especially formulated for 4-7s
  • Focus on a different social skill each week
  • Low child-staff ratios, a high level of individual attention and regular written feedback on your child's progress
  • Specially created script packs, music, videos and apps to support your child's learning
  • End of term presentation for family and friends
  • Classes every day of the week so there's bound to be a convenient time and day for you

Each local group is kept small to ensure lots of individual attention by our experienced teachers - hand-picked for their warmth, energy and professionalism. They'll focus on your child's enthusiasm and engagement in the activities rather than their precision and ability to learn moves. And they'll be with your child every step of the way to guide, inspire and encourage.

As well as having fun at Perform, your 4-7 year old will enjoy real benefits: greater confidence, improved concentration and an increased awareness of what they can achieve.


Class structure

Our classes for 4 - 7s are divided into three parts.


Create & Imagine - the drama-based part of the class. The most enjoyable way for your child to learn is through play so we use lots of specially developed exercises such as character explorations, storytelling and role-playing improvisations. This session will really help to improve children’s attention at school as it develops concentration, imagination and speaking skills in a fun and imaginative way.


Move & Feel – encompasses dances, rapid reaction games and yoga-inspired mirroring exercises. All the activities in this section focus on the children developing good coordination, balance and core stability as they grow. They'll also enjoy greater self-assurance, improved posture and confidence to participate in physical activities.


Listen, Speak & Sing - the children learn specially composed songs, tongue-twisters and raps. Fun modern words and a humorous approach means this section is ideal for boosting children’s confidence, concentration and communication skills, all while establishing focus within the group and giving shy children a chance to shine.



Each term there is a new theme such as The JungleOuter Space or Under The Sea and children receive a colourful sticker poster which they complete week-by-week before performing a presentation on the last day. To help the children to learn the songs and dances at home, there is a themed album available as an MP3 download each term plus videos and a free mobile app available.

Free apps for Apple and Android devices

To help the children to learn the songs and dances at home, there is always an app for Apple and Android devices containing special fun and education games, a full script and videos of professional actors and singers performing the songs and dances.

Charlie is always happy to go to drama and we have seen a big improvement in her confidence. She loves showing us her new dance moves and songs too.

– Mrs Jo Oldreive

Poppy is so excited to go to her class every week and has been singing and dancing along to the CD all week. A wow of a success. Thank you.

– Alice Turner

We are really impressed with the organisation, from the app, CD, stickers etc to the lovely weekly email sent to give details on what the class covered. Our entire household and extended family now know all the "under the sea" songs off by heart!

– Helen Hughes

Usually Isabelle is a shy child in a new environment, but not for Perform... she runs in and runs out, excited to tell me what she has been doing. Her confidence has improved so much. So grateful for the life skills and confidence she is gaining though these classes

– Mrs Emma Clark

Poppy is always very excited to see Charlotte and always runs right into the classes with such enthusiasm! Very glad I signed her up. She really enjoyed her last performance and I am looking forward to seeing her progress.

– Ms Elizabeth Ann Freeman

Naomi is having a great time, and is growing in confidence. We can’t wait to watch her in the Circus play in December. Thank you all for being so great, patient and making all the new children welcome!

– Miss Emma Miles

Sienna's confidence is growing and it's so lovely to see. She is so excited every session and loves being able to come home with the stickers to add to her poster each week. We are so happy with everything.

– Miss Tiffany Ballard

This isn’t a class, it’s a life-changing experience. Thank you for everything you put into it, it doesn’t go unnoticed and makes all the difference. I just wish everyone got the opportunity to do Perform... Thank you doesn’t even cover it.

– Angela Cahill

I am blown away at how amazingly well Isabelle has come along since starting Perform. Her confidence has already improved so much and I can also see a difference with her imaginative play. Isabelle has really come out of her shell.

– Miss Samantha Cowdrey

Daisy loves the classes and they are very professionally run. I like the ethos of Perform - i.e. it’s about building confidence and life skills not necessarily about a career in performance.

– Ms Sam Obrien

How performing arts classes help children age 4 - 7


Four is a wonderfully lively, energetic and sociable age. Confident about the basics such as speaking, running, drawing and building things, your child is probably ready to use these skills to the fullest. Even the most reserved four year old tends to enjoy the company of adults and children of all ages, from the smallest babies (next to whom they feel big and grown-up) to the oldest great-grandparents.

Four is an ideal age to enrol your child in drama, dance and singing activities - to give them a creative and sociable outlet away from school and the usual groups. It can provide a firm foundation for social skills while also refining coordination and fine motor skills. 

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By five your child is probably separating from you comfortably, maybe even eagerly, especially if they're going to play at a friend's house, feeling more secure when away from you and learning the value of friends.

All that means that finding the balance between nurturing and protecting your child and encouraging independence is best achieved by allowing them to explore and experiment so they become more confident in new situations, such as school. Trying lots of new activities like sports, arts and crafts or drama can really help here.

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At six, self-centered play, object play and social play remain but the trend has shifted to social play.

While school doesn't provide the same opportunities for role-taking play that they enjoyed in nursery, it is still important to six year olds. They'll take on the roles of teacher and pupils, parent and children, boyfriend and girlfriend, cops and robbers, and so on. Role-taking play furthers their development of self-other perspective, builds empathy and helps them feel a sense of social power and competence. Let them enjoy this type of play. By the end of the year, role-taking play wanes and rule-bound play begins.

This means that this age is an ideal time to promote imaginative and creative play via drama, dance or singing. 

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At seven, your child is probably responding really well to a daily schedule so that they can plan their day. As they start to understand about the progression of time, be aware that this can lead to worries about successfully managing tasks and not getting in trouble. In fact, finishing things properly is one of the primary sources of emotional outbursts in seven year olds .

Luckily, the performing arts are an ideal release for the pressures of a more structured school day and the greater responsibility that comes with that. Being able to express themselves creatively and to experiment outside the classroom are two key benefits of drama, dance and singing classes that mainstream school doesn't offer.

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