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KS2 World History

The children were very excited about the drama session and they absolutely loved it. There were many different activities and the children enjoyed answering the questions. They were proud that they had already learnt some of the facts in the classroom and then could show Melissa what they knew. She had great control and they listened well to her. When someone did do something she had asked them not to, she was able to tell them to stop and they respected what she was saying. Thank you very much.

– Mrs K Thurston

The teachers were very positive in their comments and felt the children really benefitted from the workshop. They felt they were engaged throughout.

– Lorraine Lawrence - Charville Primary School

The workshops were very creative and encouraged the children to use lots of vocabulary and their imaginations. Thank you again.

– Liz Jenkins - Newton Preparatory

Laura had lots of energy which motivated the children

– Mrs Y Healy

Jessica was absolutely fabulous. Every child in the school joined in and thoroughly enjoyed her sessions. All adults who watched the session agreed with how well the sessions went. When we have Perform back in school, we will definitely be asking for Jess to visit again.

– Vicki - Burkitt School

Hannah was great and the comments from the staff was positive. Thank you to Hannah who was great and lively.

– Elizabeth Sami

The pupils and staff really enjoyed themselves - thank you very much!

– Alex Hinton

The session was so much fun, one of the children invited Rhia to her birthday party!

Very engaging, great pace and consistent expectations so everyone got as much out of the session as possible. All the children were able to focus and join in, trickier words and unfamiliar concepts were well anticipated and explained.


– Helen West

Lucy captivated the childrens imagination in a fun and engaging way. She pitched all 4 sessions at just the right level and her energy and enthusiasm never failed.

– Caroline Markham - Broadhurst

A fantastic workshop. Children learned so much. Thank you very much.

– Mr J Seymour

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