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KS2 World History

Fabulous! Friendly and upbeat! Children loved the workshops!

– Renu Puri

I can't recommend Natalie enough for these workshops. She kept the children engaged throughout the workshops and quickly adapted her style for the age and topic that they were covering. She was great with the children and they all had an amazing two days. Thank you so much Natalie.

– Ms. C Meyers

All of the teachers said it had been a really good session and the children really enjoyed it.

– Clare McDonald

The children as always LOVED the workshop. It was so lovely to have the pre-school and even year 3 involved this time and I know the staff who hadn't been in the sessions before really enjoyed them. They also came to me and said how great they were for the classes and how each session was pitched at just the right level for their age range. Thank you!!

– Charlotte Ridley

Would be very happy for her to return next year! All children were engaged and all really enjoyed this fab workshop!

– Ms. S Parish

Always a pleasure to see Zoe. As I left yesterday, I could see the children in the Drama Studio having a great time with her!

– Ms J Chapman

The workshop was very active and imaginative.

– Miss S Basharat

Carl was excellent, my staff here at school were really impressed with the session and the children were fully engaged even when I had to leave half way through the session briefly.

– Fiona Drury

Laura was great and the children responded well. The teachers all gave positive feedback to me too.

– Rachael Bishop - David Livingstone Academy

Kirstie was firm but fair. The children responded well to her and as always there was plenty packed into the session. We look forward to the remainder of the workshops. Thanks

– Jeannette Burgues - SSPP Primary School

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