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KS2 World History

All staff attending the sessions gave Luke excellent feedback and were very positive about his performance. The children reported having a fantastic time!

– Rachel Sutcliffe

Katriona was super- boys thoroughly engaged, good discipline and lots of fun!

– D Hood - Lanesborough School

Luke was incredibly accommodating and adapted to the situation accordingly. He was a pleasure to work with!

– Charlene Kirschner

I can't recommend Natalie enough for these workshops. She kept the children engaged throughout the workshops and quickly adapted her style for the age and topic that they were covering. She was great with the children and they all had an amazing two days. Thank you so much Natalie.

– Ms. C Meyers

Hannah was great and the comments from the staff was positive. Thank you to Hannah who was great and lively.

– Elizabeth Sami

Sam is a great workshop leader who enthuses and excites the children. This was our second workshop and I would happily book again/ recommend Perform For Schools.

– Clare Alderson - Sarisbury Junior School

The children really enjoyed themselves and loved the workshop, thank you!

– Ms. F Webber

Rachel kept the children spellbound and they have already memorised the key facts.

– Jane Ebberson - West Wycombe Combined

Laura had lots of energy which motivated the children

– Mrs Y Healy

This was an extremely engaging and interactive workshop. The children all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you very much!

– Mrs O'Malley

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