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Furry Friends

Each term, our 4-7s get to know a cute and huggable Furry Friend. These engaging characters play a big part in the themed songs and stories we learn every week.

At the end of term, to celebrate the wonderful performances in our shows to friends and family, every child who takes part will receive that term's Furry Friend absolutely free.

Furry Friends are also available in the Perform Shop. Have a look and see if you can collect them all!


Super Bear is helping us save the world this term on our Superhero adventure!

All about me:

I'm here, I'm there

Zooming through the air

Saving people everywhere

I am Super Bear!

My favourite...
Paw Paw
Colour: Brilliant Red
Skill: Swooping Bravely

Can you collect them all?

Every term at Perform, our weekly workshops are visited by one of our colourful class mascots. From Hoagie Horse to Freddy Frog, there are 10 plush toys to collect.

At the end of the term, each child will receive their very own as a special well done for performing in the show. Can you collect them all?

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