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Creative Learning

Our Foundation Creative Learning topics offer fun learning and imaginative play for younger children.

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The children always enjoy the workshops you provide and your staff are always well organised and very good with the children.

– Nikki Mace - Hamsey Green Primary School

Lucy captivated the childrens imagination in a fun and engaging way. She pitched all 4 sessions at just the right level and her energy and enthusiasm never failed.

– Caroline Markham - Broadhurst

Lelda was fantastic and the children had the most wonderful time being pirates! She was very organized before the session and contacted me to ask if there was anything I needed to ask or any information that would be helpful to her. She had a wonderful manner with the children and they were so engaged throughout the workshop.

– Ms. E Leyser

Hannah's voice and enthusiasm was perfect for the whole age group from Nursery to Year 3. She had complete control and was also nurturing towards the very young children. They all loved the sessions and there was a lovely discussion with Reception children afterwards about whether there was more than one person doing all the characters! Some of them were not convinced it was just one person. That says quite a lot for Hannah's acting skills.

– Alison Cardownie Clare

Camilla was lovely and all the boys enjoyed their Superhero workshop!

– Laura Butt

Our workshop leader was very professional and easy to work with. She was on time and very easygoing about her work space and set-up. The kids loved her energy and really enjoyed the workshop!

– Ms. S Cowhitt

The children always have a very enjoyable time when they work with Sam. The writing that follows is very informative. Great fun.

– Janet Kirby - Weeke Primary School, Winchester

Always a pleasure to see Zoe. As I left yesterday, I could see the children in the Drama Studio having a great time with her!

– Ms J Chapman

A fantastic workshop. Children learned so much. Thank you very much.

– Mr J Seymour

The session was so much fun, one of the children invited Rhia to her birthday party!

Very engaging, great pace and consistent expectations so everyone got as much out of the session as possible. All the children were able to focus and join in, trickier words and unfamiliar concepts were well anticipated and explained.


– Helen West
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