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Creative Learning

Our Foundation Creative Learning topics offer fun learning and imaginative play for younger children.

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Laura was great and the children responded well. The teachers all gave positive feedback to me too.

– Rachael Bishop - David Livingstone Academy

The children and staff absolutely loved the whole experience.

– Sophie Stuart-Buttle

Laura had lots of energy which motivated the children

– Mrs Y Healy

The girls really enjoyed the workshop and the content was excellent. Allison was brilliant, she was so enthusiastic and engaging.

– Emma Baldwin - Streatham and Clapham Junior School

Fantastic delivery, made everyone feel at ease. Very approachable and engaging. Would highly recommend. All staff commented the best INSET workshop for a long time. They were given so many ideas.

– Mrs K Braniff - St Cedd's School

Super workshops from a fantastic leader. Thank you!

– Ms. K Agius

Thanks for a truly amazing and magical workshop! Our children loved it!

– Katie Horwood - William Morris

The children enjoyed the workshop. It was imaginative and very active.

– Kim Albery

Jessica was absolutely fabulous. Every child in the school joined in and thoroughly enjoyed her sessions. All adults who watched the session agreed with how well the sessions went. When we have Perform back in school, we will definitely be asking for Jess to visit again.

– Vicki - Burkitt School

Luke was incredibly accommodating and adapted to the situation accordingly. He was a pleasure to work with!

– Charlene Kirschner
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