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Florence Nightingale

A factual account and hands-on recreation of the Crimean War featuring Britain's most famous carer, her methods and her impact on modern-day palliative care.

* Journeying back to 1854 in a Time Capsule
* Improvising scenes between injured soldiers & nurses
* Exploring the characters of Florence Nightingale, Queen Victoria and other key individuals
* Looking at Florence Nightingale's legacy to nursing today

Learning objectives:

To understand the life of a significant person from the past.
To consider how Florence Nightingale's achievements have impacted on our society.

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Again this workshop was exemplary. The staff said the children responded really well to Nicholas and he really captured their imagination. Thank you!
Cheryl Hawkings - Park View Infants

Please note, this workshop can be combined with our Mary Seacole workshop to celebrate the Nurses of the Crimean War.

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