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Physical skills

Perform develops coordination, agility and poise

Your child's motor skills, balance, co-ordination and sense of rhythm will all be enhanced by the dance exercises performed in our weekly classes.

As well as being exhilarating fun, it will improve their sense of space, allow them to channel pent-up energy and develop discipline and concentration. Dance and movement also helps to increase flexibility, improve circulation, and tone and develop the body - all of which is essential for a growing child.

They'll enjoy greater self-assurance, improved posture and real confidence in physical activities. Meaning that regular sessions at Perform could make a big difference on the sports field too.

"I really like Perform because everyone is nice and I have fun every time I go there." - Nicole

– Ms Justyna Zohreh

Hester absolutely loves Perform. She’s only been going for a few weeks and is already more confident in going to lessons than she was at the start. She only wishes the classes could be longer!

– Miss Jessica Short

Toby is loving the class. In his words he says "it's amazing and can't wait to go again". The teachers have been fab. They are very enthusiastic and encouraging. Long may his enjoyment continue

– Ms Sam Harper-Allen

Laura is very enthusiastic & this makes the class fun & engaging for the students. Selyena loves going & is excited when she gets home to tell me all about it!

– Ms Clare Moorcroft

My daughter enjoys attending Perform, every day she asks me if it’s Perform Day!

– Mrs Jenny Hopewell

Naoise is always very excited about going to Perform. Thank you for your never-ending enthusiasm and effort and for injecting a little wonder and magic into her life every week.

– Rae Ni Bhreacain

Samuel absolutely loves performing and looks forward to it every week. I'm so glad we found out about it and booked Samuel in.

– Mr Asif Shilston

Isabella feels happy to go every Saturday, she is confident and it is important that she feels welcome by the other children and her teacher.

– Mrs Mayra Shaw

Olivia absolutely loves the classes and has so much fun. She especially loves ‘rainbow splat’ and has encouraged us to all try it ourselves home.

– Mrs Sarah Salord

Olivia absolutely loves Perform. 5 stars!

– Ms Elizabeth Wright
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