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I used to be tall and dashing
I used to ride a big horse
I had me armour shining bright 
And the biggest sword of course!

But then one night at a party
This lady handed me
A drink, and though, I said, “please no!”
I downed it – one, two, three  (gulp) …

I am a Rabbit in a Hat, Rabbit in a Hat
Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Rabbit in a Hat
What d’ya think of that? What d’ya think of that?
Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Rabbit in a Hat?

Sitting out of sight
Till the time is right
Then I pop up and I say
I’m just a Rabbit in a hat, Rabbit in a Hat. Good Day!

Some day I’ll go back to me castle
Some day I’ll resume my old life
I’ll save those damsels in distress 
P’raps one will be my wife

But till then I’ll be a rabbit
Now don’t you get too sad
I’ll gnaw my carrot, do my tricks
A bunny’s life’s not bad!


I can do magic
Wave my wand and turn you into a frog!
I can do magic
Or maybe a dog
I can do magic
Watch me vanish in a puff of smoke
I can do magic
It’s all in my cloak 

I’m just a little bit clever
So don’t treat me however
Or you’ll wish you had not.
So people, please be politer
Or this magical fighter
Might well put you
Under a spell forever!

 I can do magic
And my strength will make you do what I say
I can do magic
You just need to obey!
I can do magic
So don’t mess with me whatever you do
I can do magic
And I’ll do it on you!


When you’re a black cat taking your morning stroll

You sniff around the dustbins looking for a mouse-hole

You arch your back and quiver your whiskers so
Wave your tail in the air ‘cos here we go 

Mee-ow, eeh-ow, eeh-ow, eeh-ow
Catch those mice
Mee-ow, eeh-ow, eeh-ow, eeh-ow
Don’t think twice.
Purr purr, curl up on a lap
It sure is a cat’s life when you catch a cat nap

Oh yes we all go…



Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble,
Pop it in the pot, let’s watch it bubble.
Hair of dog and ear of donkey,
Mix it up, that smells real honky. 

Pour it in a goblet, good and strong,
Drink it up. Phwoar, what’s that pong?
Just hold your nose and close your eyes
And you’ll be in for a big surprise.

Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, wow!
Boom, crash, pow, zap!
Look at me,  I’ve done the spell book rap!



Magical Mirror mumbled and moaned
“I’m tired of telling the truth”, he intoned.
“Though you may be gorgeous, you’re also quite vain. 
So I tell you you’re ugly and smell like a drain!”



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