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What parents say about Perform weekly classes for 7-12s

Most parents find out about Perform from word of mouth and we are always looking for feedback and comments to help us improve what we do. Here are some of the most recent comments we have received about our weekly classes. Alternatively, watch our video or check out our reviews on Facebook and Google

Will absolutely loves the weekly class, and it is a delight to watch him thrive in the sessions.

– Katherine Hodson

My son is really enjoying the classes and he's a very honest critic. Lewis is so engaging and upbeat, he makes everyone smile. Very impressed!

– Mrs Makawa Makanda-Tansey

Keelan loves the class and always says it’s the best day of the week. Keelan also loves the teachers and the whole set up of how it works. I really like the app so that we can help them at home and understand what he’s doing

– Miss Emily Foster

Robbie loves to go to Perform classes, he enjoys singing and dancing, the role playing and the atmosphere.

– Mrs Adriana Tilea

From the very first class, George has absolutely loved it and he loves Amber. He chats about the class all week and sings the songs at home. It's lovely to see him enjoying it so much.

– Dr Susie Minson

Ava took an instant liking to this class, and has loved it every week. Sophie has engaged her enthusiasm like no drama class she’s tried before. Absolutely brilliant!

– Mrs Tracey Taylor

Isla really looks forward to going to her class every Tuesday. She loves mixing with the other children, the games and activities and both Alison and Amy.

– Mrs Sam Seabrook

Dawson absolutely loves it. It’s his first proper after school club so being only 4 we were a little worried he may be tired and not engaged but he always asks when it is and thoroughly enjoys it. Amazing how he’s learning so much too.

– Mr Matt Pearcey

Oliver is getting on really well and delights us with his renditions of Funky Fairy, accompanied by the dance moves. He has settled in very quickly and looks forward to his Perform class after school on a Monday.

– Mrs Caroline Russell

Ted has only been attending for a few weeks but absolutely loves it. We can often hear him singing songs and practicing the dance moves. He loves the teachers and always comes out of the class full of energy and excitement.

– Miss Michelle Lee

Ryan enjoys his time at Perform and describes it as 'it's awesome!' One of my aims was for Ryan to have fun at Perform and I am pleased he is really enjoying himself. Jason King is excellent :)

– Mudita

Hannah always wakes up excited on Saturdays and can't wait to join the class. Very happy!

– Rosalie Ellis

She just loves it. Runs in smiling and runs out smiling. I think the enthusiasm of the teachers has got a lot to do with it. As a parent, I’m particularly impressed with the quality of the resources (I like the app and the script) and the enthusiastic teachers.

– Ms Teresa Rossi

Jessica is fantastic and the girls love her. They really enjoy the classes and, my youngest, Ria keeps asking when her next class is!

– Mrs Jarmila Carikova

Freya loves every class, she is always bubbling with enthusiasm after each session, singing all the songs and telling us all about it. Great for her confidence. Thank you!

– Mrs Rian Steward

Kitty is loving these classes and Sam is just brilliant - I can't stop hearing Kitty tell me how brilliant Sam is and she sins the songs and plays the CD constantly. Thank you!

– Mrs S Rochford

Lola loves Perform, and Katie seems to really get the children's attention. She comes home singing the songs, and the Superhero app is her new favourite thing...

– Miss Teresa Palmer

It's great that the weekly classes focus on the children having a good time above all, and building up their confidence. Every time I tell my child "You have Perform today" she jumps and cheers!

– Mrs C. Klein

Bonni absolutely loves the classes and Rachel, her teacher. She always really looks forward to the classes.

– Mrs Shelly Kingham

Vicky is excellent! Bursting with enthusiasm and energy. The kids all seem to be brimming with confidence and excitement when they leave.

– Nadia Day

My two love the class and come out sweaty and worn out every week!

– Mrs Naomie Green

Valentina absolutely love Mondays!! She knows she has Perform class after school. She's so happy and we hope to continue in 2017.

Thank you!

– Ms Lorena Panayi

Ethan was unsure when I suggested this class, but after the first trial class he bounded out saying he loved it! He looks forward to this every week, I think it may be the highlight of his week!

– Mrs Kate Jordan

Elodie really enjoys the classes, particularly the Buzzy Bee game!

– Miss Stephanie Pang

Maddie asks on an almost daily basis is it her Perform night!

– Mrs Jane Wallis
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