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What parents say about Perform weekly classes for 7-12s

Most parents find out about Perform from word of mouth and we are always looking for feedback and comments to help us improve what we do. Here are some of the most recent comments we have received about our weekly classes. Alternatively, watch our video or check out our reviews on Facebook and Google

Logan loves his sessions and says he’d love to do drama every day! He comes out of the lessons skipping and smiling and full of delight. Thankyou!

– Mrs Naomi Thomas

My daughter loves going to Perform and is so excited to be part of a show. Thankyou for being inspirational and bringing such high energy to each class.

– Mrs Benita Reyes Medina

Jacob loves Perform. He is always very excited to attend and comes home full of things to tell us. He is enthusiastic about the songs, dances and performance and is always going around singing the songs. He is so much more confident in himself.

– Mrs Alison Hollis

Jessica is fantastic and the girls love her. They really enjoy the classes and, my youngest, Ria keeps asking when her next class is!

– Mrs Jarmila Carikova

Olivia absolutely loves the classes and has so much fun. She especially loves ‘rainbow splat’ and has encouraged us to all try it ourselves home.

– Mrs Sarah Salord

Bonni absolutely loves the classes and Rachel, her teacher. She always really looks forward to the classes.

– Mrs Shelly Kingham

Michael has LOVED the sessions and Lewis is FANTASTIC- he really keeps him engaged. Michael was so chuffed tonight as Lewis had said he was a good dancer!

– Miss Corinne Mcpartland

Zanna enjoys Perform and always looks forward to class. Her confidence has improved since starting and she also become more self reliant.

– Ngozi Uche Onyejeli

Florrie is thoroughly enjoying the class and looks forward to it every week. Would highly recommend it to any family.

– Sharron Reynolds

She just loves it. Runs in smiling and runs out smiling. I think the enthusiasm of the teachers has got a lot to do with it. As a parent, I’m particularly impressed with the quality of the resources (I like the app and the script) and the enthusiastic teachers.

– Ms Teresa Rossi

Lois has only been coming for a few weeks but she is so thoroughly engaged. She loves the songs and dances.

The resources are excellent so we can all engage in the plays at home and learn the songs.

– Ms Jo Ball

Gracie looks forward to her class so much and loves every moment. She comes home bursting with excitement and energy and can’t wait to tell me all about what songs she sang and what she did. I think this is a great way for kids to build confidence and have fun which is exactly what kids need right now more than ever.

– Miss Danielle Bray

My daughter can’t wait for her Perform class, she counts down the days. She learnt all her words so quickly for her song, I’m so impressed with her interest it’s blown my mind. She really loves the free app and all the songs. She comes out so happy after each class.

– Mrs Nina Bird

Rory literally bounces home after Perform so whatever Abby is doing, it’s working very well with him!

– Mrs Elizabeth Mckeown

Keelan loves the class and always says it’s the best day of the week. Keelan also loves the teachers and the whole set up of how it works. I really like the app so that we can help them at home and understand what he’s doing

– Miss Emily Foster

Jessica loves Perform! Rhia is really good with the children and I couldn’t be happier with the group.

– Ms Lisa Read

Tommy really enjoys coming to Perform, he always looks forward to it and comes out with a smile.

– Mrs Jayne Alderson

Elijah enjoys attending every week! We've had fun listening to the album and learning all the songs. Katie is very nice and we feel happy about the feedback we get from her after every session.

– Miss Shivone Wilson

Charlotte is lovely and has a very good approach with the children.

Eleonora and Giulia are very happy at Perform and, although I cannot comment on the teaching or content because I’m not there with the girls during the class, I’m happy to see them interested and motivated.

– Mrs Ludovica Carrieri

Jake is really enjoying the classes. He finds the classes really enjoyable.

– Ms Belinda Borland

He honestly loves going to Perform. He was so grumpy this morning and I said "come on let's get ready for school. And don't forget that is Monday so you have drama after school" and he literally shouted YAY and ran to put his shoes on. It's definitely his favourite extra curricular activity by far!

– Navit Khalastchi

Hester absolutely loves Perform. She’s only been going for a few weeks and is already more confident in going to lessons than she was at the start. She only wishes the classes could be longer!

– Miss Jessica Short

Frankie always looks forward to Perform and asks me every week how many days until drama?! She races along the high st to get to class and is then full of beans, singing all the way home. Claire is lovely and funny and Frankie feels safe and happy. It’s a joy to see the effect that coming to Perform has on Frankie!

– Miss Krsna Denham

Abigail adores it, highlight of the week

– Mr Neil Mcferran

Dawson absolutely loves it. It’s his first proper after school club so being only 4 we were a little worried he may be tired and not engaged but he always asks when it is and thoroughly enjoys it. Amazing how he’s learning so much too.

– Mr Matt Pearcey
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