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People2People game

A perfect ice-breaker for the start of term and especially for Reception children who don't know each other yet.

How to play:

  • Ask the children to find a partner.
  • Ask them to stand back-to-back with their partner, then shoulder-to-shoulder, tummy-to-tummy etc. until they get used to it. 
  • Next explain that when you say ‘People2people’ they must run around the room and find a new partner, say ‘hello’ and then listen out for your next commands. 
  • Turn on some upbeat music and play the game giving them three rounds of commands.
  • Remember to start off basic with ‘Hand2Hand’, ‘Tummy2Tummy’ but make the controls progressively harder with each ‘People2People’ for example, ‘Tummy2Toe’, ‘Shoulder2Tummy’ etc!
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