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Challenge Awards

A celebration of everything your child has achieved

To help your child track their progress through Perform, we've established Challenge Awards. These enable children to celebrate the skills they have learnt and give them a real sense of achievement.

There are seven Challenge Awards:

  • For children attending Classes for 4-7s: 
    • Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum 
  • For children attending Classes for 7-12s: 
    • Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond

Children are nominated by their Perform teacher and asked to prepare for a short assessment based on an Award syllabus. There is a separate syllabus for each award level and much of this will covered as part of the classes. However, additional tasks have to be completed at home, so we do ask for parents' support.

If successful, children will be awarded a certificate at an end of term presentation.

Challenges are held in June and November each year and the nominations for each will be sent out by email in February and June respectively. Click here to view venues, dates and times. 

Due to current circumstances, Challenges will be held over Zoom. You will be sent a link in advance of your child's booked Challenge slot. Please note that we have also amended the resources for Bronze, Silver and Gold Challenges and ask that children perform songs from Spring's Around the World adventure.


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