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Black History Icons

The children will be taken on a journey through Black History and come face to face with iconic figures that have devoted their lives to giving the black population equal rights.

* Learn about Mary Seacole and how she was rejected because of her race 
* Use drama techniques, supported by music, to understand the lives of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King
* Bring to life characters such as Rosa Parks and improvise scenes from the day of the bus boycott

Learning objectives:

To understand equality.
To recognise influential black history figures.
To reinforce the idea that diversity should be celebrated.

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The lady I spoke to to book the workshop was really helpful and very pleasant to speak with. All of the booking information was very informative and was received quickly. Laura phoned before the workshop to confirm the booking and discuss details of the workshop and timetable of the day which was very useful. Laura arrived in good time and carried out a fantastic days worth of workshops with all classes.  In talking to the team every class really enjoyed the workshop.  The workshop really fitted in with our history week and the children took a lot from it. Thank you Laura for a fun and educational workshop.
Laura Matier - North Farnborough Infant School

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