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Your Child's Journey with Perform

Find out about about your child's journey through Perform from 4 years old to 12.

The start of something new

The first Perform class. Louis is a bit nervous and tearful when it comes to say goodbye - and so are you to be honest. Luckily, Rebecca (the Producer) and Sophie (the teacher) are absolutely wonderful. Sophie instantly makes friends with him and distracts him with a joke.

Once he's in the room, he's soon laughing and joining in energetically while you tell Rebecca all about his likes and dislikes.

This is definitely the start of something new.

Animated and happy

Louis now can't wait for his weekly Perform class. You've never seen him so animated and happy as when he comes rushing out at the end of the session. You really saw a difference in the way he confidently stood up and spoke his lines at the school assembly last week. He would never have done that before. Plus he's already made a couple of really good friends in the class.

The theme this term is Fairytale Forest - and he's loving the songs especially.

Growing in confidence

Louis is now well-established in the class. He now confidently helps the younger children while still learning himself.

At school, his teacher has commented to you how pleased she is that he is putting up his hand lots in classes and seems to have excellent concentration on reading and writing tasks. He's also doing well in games and there has been a marked improvement in his coordination. Must be all that dancing!

Louis has worked his way through almost all the Perform themes now and the termly CDs, script packs and sticker posters proudly adorn his bedroom. He reckons Superheroes is his favourite!

An End of Term Presentation to remember

At the end of term performance, you're impressed at how Rebecca and Sophie have managed to pull the whole group together, bringing out the talents of the shyer children and producing a brilliant show that includes everyone.

And you're so proud when you see Louis speak his lines and sing his solo with such conviction in front of all the other parents. He would never have done so just a few years ago.

Next term, he is going up to the classes for 7-12s and he's really excited. Apparently, "They do proper shows and everything!"

A transition year

It's time to graduate to the classes for 7-12s and Louis is thrilled that some of his friends are also graduating this year. From the very first class, it's clear that Louis is being challenged in a diferent way, working with a real professional director and choreographer.

The Producer, Mike, is really friendly and, while Louis rushes off for the acting section, Mike explains to you how the performing arts techniques they teach are really for life : concentration and memory skills for the classroom, eye contact and vocabulary for social situations and agility for sports.

Inspired by his teachers

You're already seeing a real difference in Louis. At home, he takes an active part in discussions around the dinner table and his teachers comment on how much better his concentration is at school.

You think that much of this is down to his Perform classes and, in particular, the teachers. You can tell that he's all fired up and inspired by the creative team at Perform. And he's very excited by his role in the end of term show - he promises it's going to be brilliant and to invite everyone you know!

Celebrating progress 

Louis is enjoying the classes so much that he doesn't realise how much he's learning. The theme this term is Outlaw - based on the classic tale of Robin Hood and featuring funky urban beats and an outrageously evil King John character. The modern context gives Louis an insight into today's social issues although he says the best bit is practising the disco finale!

Louis has relished the class so much that his teacher has nominated him for another Challenge Award. He's already been awarded a Ruby and a Sapphire  - and he's now intent on winning the highest accolade - a Diamond Challenge Award!

A friendly and outgoing boy

Your friends are always commenting on how friendly and outgoing Louis is and you can't help thinking it must have a lot to do with his time at Perform.

Over the years, he's had such a lot of enjoyment and having achieved the Diamond Challenge Award -  it's all lead to a real confidence boost.

When he was a young boy, you would never have envisioned Louis being able to take a lead role in an end of term production - let alone relish it!

Skills for life

Louis is still loving his weekly sessions at Perform and it's great to receive such glowing feedback from the creative team every term. His character has blossomed, he's got loads of great friends and his teachers are delighted with his progress at school. Sally, the Producer, reports that Louis is turning out to be a really promising actor though he says he's not planning a stage career.

Confidence, self-assurance, good diction, physical agility, great interpersonal abilities - all these (and many more!) are skills that Louis has developed during his years at Perform. So whatever he chooses to do, you'll know he'll be a success.

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