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What parents think about Perform teachers

Most parents find out about Perform from word of mouth and we are always looking for feedback and comments to help us improve what we do. Here are some of the most recent comments we have received about our teachers. You can also watch our video or check out our reviews on Facebook and Google



My older daughter Amelia has loved Perform for years, we are such huge fans of the class. Recently my younger daughter, who has special needs and cannot speak, has also joined and it is just as fabulous for her. Claire is phenomenal!

– Mrs Rebecca Pashley-Robinson

Kate has been so inspirational. I had no idea my child was able to learn so many songs in such a short amount of time. She loves it! It’s not the closest class to me but she has friends there and we wanted Kate to be our teacher, so it works for us.

– Mrs Clare Ronai

Katherine is professional, enthusiastic and also caring / observant towards which children may require a little more support. In terms of enjoyment for my son it is by far the happiest I’ve seen him coming out of an activity.

– Miss Kiri Smallman

Minnie and Trixie absolutely love their Perform class. Their teacher Matthew is incredible and really seems to ‘get’ them as individuals. I walk away leaving them for an hour, knowing that they are having fun, are safe and cared for and learning lifelong skills. It’s a good feeling.

– Mrs Rebecca Dawes

Freddie struggles with new settings, however Jessica has proved very welcoming and interactive. Freddie ran straight in and hasn’t looked back since! He absolutely loves Perform and can not wait to attend every week. Thank you for all you do. One very proud and happy parent.

– Miss Lucy Spear

Ruby was very nervous but the group welcomed her well an now she loves it an looks forward to doing it every Friday x

– Mrs Jenna Finnan

I think Matthew is absolutely brilliant. Ava is only 4 and has slotted in seamlessly into his class. The time and effort he puts in is amazing (and both my husband and I could relate to this being teachers ourselves). Ava loves it and thanks so much for all you do!

– Mrs Anna Gale

Isabelle has enjoyed going to Perform for 5 years and has learnt so much about herself and working with others and still enjoys all aspects of the sessions. Sam and her crew are fabulous and encouraging in bringing out the best in all their students!

– Ms Kate Kerwood

I am so grateful to Rhia for her excellent work. I had a positive call from my daughter's teacher, who had noticed her new found confidence since starting Perform.

– Miss Drea Daley

Claire is simply wonderful. Fun, energetic and she has such enthusiasm. My daughter loves her. She is a fantastic role model and is able to get down to the children’s level and adapt her skills to engage with them.

– Mrs Victoria Evans

I think Paige is amazing. She a true professional and understands children very well. Vika loves her.

– Ms Anastasia Amerikova

Alison makes my daughter feeel completely at ease. She teaches the children in a way that they are learning great skills whilst having a lot of fun. I have been so impressed with Perform. 

– Ms Alison McCamley Pal

She loves it! She's full of enthusiasm after each session and she really looks forward to the next one. Hannah is so professional and accommodating, and she has a great way with the kids. We've signed up for a half term course too!

– Ms Jen Moore

Melissa is a fantastic teacher who clearly loves what she does and has a fantastic ability to engage children over a variety of ages and abilities

– Sara Miller

We have been very impressed with the standard of teaching and Drou's energy and enthusiasm for the class and her students. Emilia loves her lessons with Drou and James and we're seeing her confidence build with the classes.

– Ms Angela Quintavalle

Andrew is amazing! My twins have only attended a few sessions and look forward to going every Wednesday.

– Mrs Apshara Bhad

Jessica is a warm enthusiastic person and Alexander loves attending Perform.

– Mrs Dorota Chwiedosik

I am blown away by the communication and how organized and professional everything is. Perform really is stand-out.

– Mrs Kathryn Vanek

Bella loves it! She really enjoys her time at class! I like the fact that you update me after the classes to tell me the format and what they have learned that week! I am always please with what you are teaching my child.

– Mrs Karen Turner

Victoria has been great with Annie. Annie has really enjoyed the sessions and looks forward to them every week.

– Miss Carter-Ann Mahdavi

Drou is absolutely fantastic! I can't believe he didn't join sooner. Such a lovely class for the children. Thank you.

– Mrs Christine Hughes

Francesco is always so happy to go to the class and comes out full of beans. He has learnt his lines and is always singing the songs.

– Mrs Lorean Lynch

Sian has been absolutely brilliant with Bebe Star. She was initially very nervous but Sian showed patience and kindness that went beyond her working hours. For that I am grateful.

– Mrs Dounia Benjelloul

Isabella is absolutely loving Perform classes. Gemma and Craig are brilliant with the children. The sessions allow children of all abilities to do something together. It’s a great confidence booster.

– Mrs Vicky Taylor

Hollie is terrific and Jasper adores her! She is really bringing a lot out of him, pretty impressive given he knows no others in the class. Happy boy, happy parents. Thank you

– Mrs Joy Nazzari
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