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Speaking clearly

Developing good diction is essential for everyday life and in many careers.

We concentrate on enunciating the words crisply and clearly and to enjoy every single vowel and consonant. Performing tongue twisters helps children explore fast rhyming patterns and increases their confidence and dexterity when speaking.

Introducing yourself

Being able to introduce yourself confidently and happily is VITAL for everyone. Teaching children this skill from a young age will be very advantageous to them.

Balancing skills

This week we learn what balance is – both static and dynamic balance. We have fun with some balancing games which focus on both stillness and movement.

Expressing an opinion

Having the confidence to express opinions in a clear and well-structured way from an early age is a valuable skill.

We learn how to articulate an arguement and enjoy listening to different view points.

Using a loud voice

Knowing how - and when - to use a big strong voice is a huge part of the work we do at Perform.

Fun vocal exercises help children to develop healthy vocal projection as well as giving the children solo speaking activities to enhance their public speaking confidence.

Helping others

At times lik this in particular, helping others is vital.

We role-play scenarios where we were extremely helpful and then extremely unhelpful and discuss how much more rewarding it was to be helpful. We all suggest one helpful thing we could do that week at home and say it in a loud voice to the group.

Team work

The ability to play or work in a group does not always come naturally.

We discover that working as a team is not only fun but extremely effective too. It is not only great for developing confidence and communication but instrumental in helping children learn new skills and understand their value within a team.

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