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This Week's Focus

Below you can see what the children are focusing in classes this week. Click on other weeks to see what we've been doing or what is still to come. 

Meeting someone new

As we start brand new themes, welcome new friends to our classes and prepare to meet new characters, we play lots of games to get to know each other.

We role-play how to deal with meeting new people and play some greeting games ro demonstrate how much fun it is to get to know new people.


Taking the lead in something, no matter how small, helps a child build confidence and develop a sense of responsibility.

Using some great leaders as our inspiration, we look at how they communicate effectively and why this is so important.

Standing up for yourself

Being singled out or teased is never a nice experience and it is important for us to be able to stand up for what we believe in.

We workshop strategies for resilience and self-confidence and stand up to evil Shere Khan on our Jungle Book adventure.

Vocal projection

We encourage the children to project their voices at all times as it's such an important life skill. As well as having a loud voice, our clarity and diction must always be excellent and that means paying attention to consonants too.

We play a variety of games as we learn how to have a healthy, loud and well-projected voice.

Magical manners

Good manners are at the heart of respect for ourselves and for others. That's why we're learning all about the importance of good manners in our classes this week.

We bake a Manners Pie to help the childre understand the benefits of friendly and respectful exchanges. It's also lots of fun!

Perfect posture

This week, we look in detail at the importance of Perfect Posture and how to ensure that we have healthy posture when we sit, stand, walk and dance. 

As well as the physical benefits of great posture, good posture also gives you confidence - one of our all important 4 Cs. We discuss the importance of walking correctly, with our shoulders back and our head held high. 

Memory skills

This week, we put our memories to the test. Developing our memory skills helps to retain information, boost learning across a range of subject areas, including maths and reading, and improve concentration.


It's the last week of the summer, so we're focussing on having fun! 

We bring The Jungle Book and Zak & Zara's Cyberspace Adventure to a close, and play some of our favourite games.

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