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This Week's Focus

Below you can see what the children are focusing in classes this week. Click on other weeks to see what we've been doing or what is still to come. 

My Superpower is...  

Our Superheroes adventure begins by meeting new friends and we’ll play some games to find out what our Top Secret Mission is.

Confidently entering a room

First impressions count and, using our Superhero Circle, we’ll improvise scenarios where we might need some extra self-assurance powers to help us feel confident.

Taking turns 

Children are innately impatient and often find it hard to wait  for their turn.

We’ll discuss what happens if everyone wants their turn at the same time and learn that, if we all wait and take our  turn fairly, everyone will feel happy.


Making decisions together 

Children should learn that their views count and to understand the value of listening to the opinions of others.

In this fun session, everyone will cast a vote.

Talking in front of a big group

Children start ‘show and tell’  from an early age which is good practice for public speaking. 

Using our specially designed PERFORM checklist, we’ll practise projecting our voices and speaking with confidence. 

The same but different  

This week, we’ll celebrate the fact that we all have something special and different to bring to our Perform class and discuss how our class might be if we were all the same.


High Five!

Giving praise nurtures a child’s confidence and sense of self. 

Using positive reinforcement and compliments, we’ll play a game where everyone has something  nice to say.

Pretty please

Children are natural persuaders, whether wanting an ice-cream or a trip to the toy shop!

We’ll discuss differences between persuading someone and forcing them to do something.

Concentration is key 

The ability to focus helps children learn which in turn will build their self-esteem.

Switching our listening ears on, we’ll play a game where we try hard not to be distracted.


Be kind 

Encouraging kindness in children helps them feel better, not only about the world they live in but also about themselves.

This week, we’ll channel superhero-kindness towards each other.


Reduce, re-use and recycle

Rounding off our Superheroes global warming message,  we’ll illustrate the benefits of greener living.

Final rehearsal  

A final run-through of of the show in costume.


Presentation Week

The children will show their parents, family and friends what they've been working on this term.

Introducing Jack and the Wonderbeans 

We’ll explore what ‘glamour’ means as we explore the story of the new show we’re working on. 


Making an entrance  

Being the first at a party may feel daunting so, in this session, we’ll demonstrate how children can  hold their heads high and use strong eye contact to help them feel confident.


Learning to be patient 

Learning why it’s important to  be patient, not interrupt and wait our turn is enlightening for older children.

Through role-play we’ll discover why using a little bit of self-restraint is so important.


Being democratic 

It’s important for children to understand what living in a 

democratic society means. We’ll practise expressing opinions and voting for what we believe in.


Perfecting public speaking

Boosting development of public speaking helps children build self-esteem and confidence.

We’ll look at the meaning of strong body language, eye contact and vocal projection in this fun session.

Celebrate diversity 

There are huge benefits in people being different and holding alternative views.

We’ll discuss what life would be like if there  was no diversity in the world. 


A round of applause for you!

Praise boosts self-worth and increases motivation. In this feel good session, we’ll explore how positive feedback makes us feel. 


The power of persuasion 

Children can be helped to express ideas persuasively with clarity and confidence.

We’ll role-play scenarios where we persuade a classmate who holds a different view.


Fabulous focus 

With so many distractions in the modern world, good concentration skills can benefit a child’s mental health.

We’ll be on full alert this week during some concentration exercises.


Kind is the new Cool 

Treating others as we’d like to be treated ourselves is something we can teach children from an early age.

We’ll use improvisation to  show how kindness makes us feel.


Line Run

Practising our lines together, we'll be getting ready for our final rehearsal.

Presentation Week

The children will show their parents, family and friends what they've been working on this term.

Final rehearsal

A final run through of the show in costume.

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