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Written from an actor’s perspective, this workshop focuses on Romeo and Juliet or A Midsummer's Night Dream to reveal Shakespeare's legacy and why he is still relevant today. 

Children will:

* learn the types of plays Shakespeare wrote and the key differences between a comedy, tragedy and a history play
* discover how to orientate around a professional stage with training in Stage Left, Stage Right, Up Stage, Down Stage and Centre Stage 
* freeze-frame iconic scenes of each play
* learn the difference between Iambic Pentameter and Catalectic Trochaic Tetrameter
* play the Cue Feeding game to discover how actors learnt their lines back in the day
* learn and rehearse a specially written song based on one of the plays.

Learning objectives:

To speak audibly and  fluently with an increasing command of standard English.
To participate in role play.

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Great to see how the workshops are suitably adapted to the different age groups. It was an excellent starting point for a weeks work on Shakespeare.
Jackie Olcot - Loudwater Combined

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