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Coordination, posture and poise all benefit from physical creative self-expression.

In our classes for 4-7s, the Move & Feel section involves learning new dances and activities like 'People2People' which help children explore what their bodies can do without being judged. The benefits include greater self-assurance, improved posture and real confidence in physical activities.

The Movement & Dance section in classes for 7-12s is directed by a professional choreographer. The dance routines and exercises help keep growing bodies healthy and the skills learnt can have a real positive effect on sporting ability and improve posture and poise.

For all age groups, we teach movement through imagery rather than formal dance steps because we've found children engage better this way and enjoy the process more. 

My son loves going to Perform. I've noticed him singing and dancing around the house, which is very unusual for him. Thankyou for creating happy memories!

– Ms Denitsa Peneva

Evelyn is very much enjoying attending her Perform classes and looks forward to them with excitement each week.

– Ms Lesley Burton

Sofia absolutely loves her weekly Perform class and would go everyday if she could! She enjoys putting on ‘shows’ at home and showing us what she’s learned. The end of term performance is a highlight as we get to see the performance as a whole I'm really proud of what she has accomplished. Harriet the Producer is amazing and has quickly become one of Sofias favourite people, she’s is really professional and shows genuine interest in all the children, Sofia also loves seeing Meg and Sam who help out Harriet. Nothing but praise for everyone at Perform Virginia Water.

– Mrs Phillipa Griffiths

Isabella feels happy to go every Saturday, she is confident and it is important that she feels welcome by the other children and her teacher.

– Mrs Mayra Shaw

My 7yr old daughter absolutely loves it. On the first day she said to me, she wishes she could go there every day :-).

– Paulina Lisiecka

My daughter really enjoys the classes and always comes out happy and enthusiastic!

– Lucy Ryder

Hollie has been great - Esther enjoys every bit of the session.

– Mrs Deborah Adebayo

Chloe absolutely loves her classes as does her best friend Ava! A fantastic way to enhance her skills whilst having fun

– Ms Sophie Koczen

We are absolutely delighted with the Perform. Stephanie welcomes us every week with such enthusiasm and positivity, it is inspirational. Perform is perfect for our son. He loves going and comes home happy and so positively charged.

– Mr Lukasz Korzybski

Abbie loves going to Perform, she is excited from the moment she wakes up, she loves singing and dancing and enjoys all aspects, she has always been very confident and this is being supported greatly.

– Kelly Priaulx
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