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Perform encourages speaking confidently

The chances are that your child spends most of their time at school on reading and writing skills. However, as an adult, you'll know that most of your interactions with other people require you to speak and listen well.

That's why good oral communicators do better at school, find it easier to make friends and tend to be more successful in life.

The performing arts are well known for helping children to speak more clearly, listen more attentively and develop a wide vocabulary. It doesn't take long to see results either. After just an hour a week at Perform, you'll notice the difference in your child.

I want to cry (with happiness!) as I write this. Both my children are on the autistic spectrum. Callum and Lucy are so fun and kind and talented, and the programme is so engaging, that my two can't wait to go in and are enjoying this more than anything else they do. 

– Deirdre Ferrier

Perform is a revelation for my fairly shy and quiet twins who at times seem to lack the confidence to be heard in groups. Such an amazing class and it's even more amazing watching their confidence grow as they develop new skills.

– Helen Dalgleish

Children seem very excited coming to your class - they all look so enthusiastic. Liam is really keen to attend and has a happy smile when the class is finished.

I find this class brilliant as it teaches them self confidence.

– Mrs Karine Neri

Rosa is really enjoying Perform and even throughout tonight’s performance I could see her confidence grow.

– Miss Emma Found

I am so pleased Toby has found this class. He was really shy at first and it has taken a few goes to get him in. He loves it and it has been lovely to see his confidence grow. He really looks forward to drama class and Hollie has been very sensitive to his needs.

– Mrs Rebecca Lee

Kya loves perform! She has been having an awesome time at each class. I have see Kya open more than ever before when she's in class dancing and singing. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

– Mrs Vne Sealy

Thomas can be such a shy child so it’s an absolute delight to see how he has engaged with the classes at perform. He has only recently joined but he walks in with a big grin and a spring in his step. It has helped him already as he had such a big clear voice for his lines in his school nativity play. It was also so lovely to see him performing at the end of term perform class. Evie and the class teacher are so engaging and fun and they seem have a gift for making children feel empowered and confident. Thank you so much.

– Mrs Georgina Croutear

I love that the classes each week focus on things not normally taught like eye contact and enunciation. My daughter is learning her lines and really enjoying it. Her confidence has definitely improved, as has her interaction with other people.

– Ms Selina Rivers

I love the way that they respond to Leo's specific needs and encourage him to speak out, to move and dance and build his confidence through such positive responses to his efforts.

– Gemma Moorby

The best class for my daughter. We are very happy with the progress and with the communication between Sam and us.

– Mrs Otilia Lungu
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