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A wonderful way for your child to stretch their imagination and discover the world and themselves

Each term, Perform classes have a different theme, bringing a constantly changing inspirational background to the workshops.

The themes are based around a colourful imaginary world brought to life by a little boy called PF who has been transported there through his television. The themes are Circus Adventure, Magician's Chamber, Around The WorldSuperheroes, Mermaids & PiratesFairytale Forest, Wild West, Under The Sea, Outer Space and The Jungle.

Accompanying each theme is a large colourful sticker poster to be completed weekly as various songs and dances are learnt, an audio download packed full of songs, dances and stories about PF's adventures and a free mobile/tablet app featuring games and puzzles as well as videos of the songs and dances. After half-term, every child receives a script pack containing the end-of-term presentation and various fun related activities.

Find out more about this autumn term's theme - Outer Space.

Molly is really enjoying her class, she talks non stop about it, we also have to play the games at home after her class every week. She gets excited for every Monday because she knows she has drama that day. Thank you.

– Mrs Amy Lewis

"I really like Perform because everyone is nice and I have fun every time I go there." - Nicole

– Ms Justyna Zohreh

Lois has only been coming for a few weeks but she is so thoroughly engaged. She loves the songs and dances.

The resources are excellent so we can all engage in the plays at home and learn the songs.

– Ms Jo Ball

Abigail adores it, highlight of the week

– Mr Neil Mcferran

My daughter loves going to Perform and is so excited to be part of a show. Thankyou for being inspirational and bringing such high energy to each class.

– Mrs Benita Reyes Medina

Chloe comes out so happy...I knew she'd love it and she really does!!

– Mrs Emma Grimm

Even though he didn't know any other child in the class, Lorenzo enjoyed this activity from the start.

He even asked if he could attend more than once a week!

– Silvia Antonioli

Sylvia loves coming to Perform. She looks forward to it every week and talks about going back the next week straight after the session she’s just finished! It’s the best thing she’s ever done and she is thriving on her independence attending the class not knowing anyone from before. She has learnt all her songs , fingers crossed the enthusiasm and new found love of drama will continue for many years.

– Mrs Vicky Mcfarling

Evie absolutely loves her Perform sessions - they are with out a doubt the absolute highlight of her week. She bounces in and back out again with complete joy every time!

– Mrs Cora Griffiths

Hester absolutely loves Perform. She’s only been going for a few weeks and is already more confident in going to lessons than she was at the start. She only wishes the classes could be longer!

– Miss Jessica Short
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