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Perform is Ofsted registered

Perform is Ofsted registered. This not only means that you can pay for classes and courses using Childcare Vouchers, but also, more importantly, you can be reassured that your child is in safe hands.

In 2022, Ofsted carried out several inspections of our settings which resulted in fantastic feedback which we'd love to share. We've since had another successful inspection in 2023. Please note, Out of School setting standards are now being rated either Met or Not Met rather than the previously used scale of Outstanding to Inadequate.

Click on the links to read the reports in full.

Perform SW19 Ofsted Inspection 2022

Perform SW12 Ofsted Inspection 2022

Perform Beaconsfield Ofsted Inspection 2022

Perform N5 Ofsted Inspection 2022

Perform NW8 Ofsted Inspection 2022

Perform W8 Ofsted Inspection 2022

Perform HQ N7 Ofsted Inspection 2023



Children are happy and excited to attend Perform. They receive a warm welcome from staff and run off eagerly to join in with the activities on offer.

Staff sensitively support all children to join in and take part. They recognise each child as an individual. 

Children experience a wide range of enjoyable exercises and games to develop their confidence that are well organised.

Children show that they are secure as the friendly and enthusiastic staff engage with them exceptionally well.

Staff get to know the children individually and are sensitive to their needs.

They learn the importance of being confident and good communication and coordination.

Children confidently stretch out their bodies to warm up and explore, using their imagination.

Staff know how to engage children well and ensure that activities are inclusive.

Staff are skilled at sensitively encouraging quieter children and children visiting from overseas to join in and to speak to others.

Staff are good role models, and children behave well.

Staff have created an enjoyable and exciting environment where children thrive.

Staff are extremely motivated and capture children's interests right from the outset.

Children feel safe, secure and settle quickly.

Children's emotional well-being is at the heart of everything staff do.

Staff encourage children to participate in ice breaker games, which supports their growing relationships with others. 

All children have a great deal of fun at this superb and highly organised class

They plan daily focus activities, all based around developing children's self esteem.

Professional development is strong. Staff say they are very well supported and enjoy working at Perform SW19. 

The manager uses self-evaluation effectively to reflect on the holiday club's strengths and weaknesses. 

Staff have developed good relationships with parents and keep them up to date with what their children are doing during the holiday sessions.

Parents speak highly of the holiday club and say their children have 'fantastic fun' and make lots of friends. 

Staff give children's good health priority. They are fully aware of children's different dietary needs and allergies.

Children behave well and demonstrate that their views and ideas are respected and well listened to. 

Staff take time to get to know each child. They find out about children's interests and needs as part of the induction process.

The youngest children have a designated key person, who supports their individual needs.

Staff are very competent at supporting all children and are proactive in identifying additional support for children if needed.

Children comment that they enjoy attending the club and say that they have made new friends.

Children like the staff and feel safe at the setting.

Children say that they are excited for their show at the end of the club and eagerly ask visitors if they can guess their part in the performance.

Parents are reassured that the organisation and security of the setting are good to support children's safety. 

Children enthusiastically design and write postcards for their parents and carers, inviting them to their performance. 

Children show kindness to others and behave exceptionally well.

Staff consistently praise and encourage children, which boosts their self-esteem highly effectively.

Staff build on children's skills in diverse ways during the day.

The provider and area partners regularly monitor the provision to identify the relative strengths and areas for improvement.

Staff are well qualified and highly experienced serving practitioners in the performing arts industry.

The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff have a good awareness of signs and symptoms of potential abuse and neglect, including extreme behaviours.

They know how and when to report concerns they may have to relevant agencies.

Staff attend regular training to underpin their knowledge and have opportunities to discuss any developing concerns they may have with the provider. 

They have a sensitive understanding of the dangers posed to children and their families by exposure to extreme views and practices.

Staff are aware of the possible risks associated with using the internet and take appropriate action to protect children.

Staff understand what to do should they have a concern about a colleague.

Staff make sure that the setting is safe and well maintained.

The management team ensure that all staff are suitable to work with children.

Good recruitment and induction procedures help staff to understand their roles in keeping children safe. 

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