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Discover your Body

A fascinating workshop about the human body. Find out what's happening inside and discover the amazing processes and systems that keep us alive.

* Dr Fithart (actor in role) leads a workshop on how our body works
* Physical warm up and stretch to learn about muscles and balancing
* The importance of water Command Game
* What are our senses?
* Perform The Tongue vs Nose Rap

Learning objectives:

To recognise different body parts.

To know the importance of exercise and a healthy diet.

To represent ideas through music.


NB. This workshops is suitable for Foundation and KS1.

For more information or to book, click here to contact us or book online.

Thank you for your inspirational and educational performance. The children were enriched and enthused by it as were all the staff.
A Winstrom, Head, Whitchurch School

NB. For the KS2 version of this workshop, please click here.

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