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About the Perform4ALL project

FREE performing arts workshops

The Perform4ALL project offers FREE drama workshops to primary schools across London, Nottingham and the South-East.

Last year, almost 350,000 KS1 children enjoyed these unique energetic and imaginative sessions at over 2,000 schools.

Facilitated by a DBS-checked trained professional actor, each workshop lasts 30 minutes and is designed for a class of up to 30 children in a large space such as the school hall.

Based around a different theme each term, the sessions are ideal as an introduction to the performing arts or as a fun treat during the school term.

Click to find out about next term's EYFS & KS1 theme: Castles, Knights & Princesses.

Then complete our online form to book a FREE Drama4ALL workshop for your school.

The children and staff really enjoyed the content of the workshop. Jade was punctual and professional at all times. Thank you

– Sue Hewes

The children always love the drama workshops and talk about them for weeks afterwards! Thank you!

– Tacey Attwell

The children all had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the workshops. Harriet was lovely with the children and very enthusiastic, all the way through to the last of the 6 sessions!

– Tegan Havens

The teachers were all very complimentary about how amazing Joanna was with the children. They also said how the children loved the sessions so thank you!

– Laura Cook

Your leaders are always incredibly cheerful and enthusiastic. They always get the best from the children with their energetic and well-planned sessions.

– Belinda Clothier

Tom was great, the children were captivated and loved the workshop.

– Rachel Charlton-Eve

All the children and adults loved the workshops. Many of the teachers noted how comfortable and confident Alex made the children feel straight away. Thank you so much for giving the children such an amazing experience.

– Louise Tilley

Enthusiastically enjoyed by pupils and teachers alike. Always a pleasure!

– Julie Perrin

The session today lead by Andrew was outstanding. I have been at Highlands for 6 years and I strongly believe that this session was the most engaged I’ve ever seen pupils. Andrews enthusiasm was not only noted by my team but also by other members of staff walking through the hall. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and enriching experience for our children

– Hayley Foster

A great, fun morning for the children. Several children expressed desire to come to classes. We will pop this in the newsletter again this week, advertising for you.

Thank you for these sessions. We really appreciate them, even more after lockdown!

– Karen Catlin
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