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About the Perform4ALL project

FREE performing arts workshops

The Perform4ALL project offers FREE drama workshops to primary schools across London and the South-East.

Last year, almost 350,000 KS1 children enjoyed these unique energetic and imaginative sessions at over 2,000 schools.

Facilitated by a DBS-checked trained professional actor, each workshop lasts 30 minutes and is designed for a class of up to 30 children in a large space such as the school hall.

Based around a different theme each term, the sessions are ideal as an introduction to the performing arts or as a fun treat during the school term.

Click to find out about next term's KS1 theme: Fairytales and Fables.

Then complete our online form to book a FREE Drama4ALL workshop for your school.

Charlotte was incredible with the children. Everyone came out of the workshop buzzing. Thank you so much.

– Alice Kirby

The children and staff really enjoyed the sessions. Charlee was engaging and friendly. Thank you so much!

– Iona Rolfe

It was the best workshop I ever had in a class, lots of energy, very interesting... All my colleagues and childrens were really happy.


– sebastien NOWAK

Again great comments and feedback from all classes and the children were engaged and enthused by it all. My class worked with Rachel today and I watched on. Lots of energy and enthusiasm which greatly motivated the children and they talked about it all day. We used the greetings she taught the children for different countries around the world when we were back in class which caused lots of laughter which can only be a good thing!

– Tania McKean

The children and staff all enjoyed their sessions. A number of staff commented on the response of some of their children who are really shy and how they came to life in the sessions which was wonderful to see. I know they have spoken directly to the parents of these children. We all had a wonderful time. Thank you so much.

– Louise Weston

Thank you so much for your visit to St Matthews today. The children had a wonderful time. They were focused and engaged and couldn't stop talking about their trip to Party Land. Our Foundation Stage children were inspired to create their own super hero capes and masks afterwards, whilst the workshop prompted discussions about recycling with our Year 2 pupils. Alana was also amazing. Her bubbly, outgoing persona and energy was infectious and engaged the adults as well as the children. A fantastic day was had by all!

– Lisa O'Donovan

The nursery children were playing putting on a show of Peter Pan during the free flow in the afternoon. A good sign that they loved it. The level was pitched well for the reception age and the children were really excited by the workshop.

– Jo bourne

Chloe adapted her workshop for the enjoyment of all the children. They were thoroughly engaged in imaginative creativity.

– Johanna Arden

We were so impressed with Daisy. She is very enthusiastic, positive and professional and has an amazing way with the children. All staff and children thoroughly enjoyed it.

– Sarah Willes

Katie was fantastic and the children really enjoyed their workshop. She was very engaging and inclusive of all the various ages and abilities in our school. We are looking forward to the other perform workshops we have booked for later this year!

– Kathryn Agius
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