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Safer Internet Day 2024

Together for a Better Internet

In line with the UK Safer Internet Centre's theme for Safer Internet Day on 6th February, our interactive and explorative workshop will bring the theme to life through role-play and improvisation, with a focus on making a positive change together.

Throughout the session, children will:

* Understand why it is so important to stay safe online
* Come up with ways to make a Kinder Internet 
* Understand what must be done and who they should tell if they ever feel unsafe or hurt by someone, whether this is over the internet or in their every-day lives

Our teachers were really impressed with the clear message the workshop delivered and the fun way it was done - thank you so much!
- Ms M Curtis, Strand-on-the-Green Infant School

Learning objectives:

To understand how to communicate with people online appropriately.
To understand what to do if something happens that you don't like online.
To recognise the importance of e-safety.
To understand how to keep yourself safe online.

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NB. This workshop can be adapted for KS1 and KS2.

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