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Choose Respect!

Our drama-based workshops are designed to raise awareness of bullying and give children a range of techniques they can use if they find themselves being bullied.

These workshops will:

  • Simulate situations to demonstrate what bullying is using role-play and improvisation.
  • Show how body language can help us appear more confident and practice power posing.
  • Give children tips on standing up to bullying - whether they or their friends are being bullied.

Learning objectives:

To understand the seriousness of bullying.
To recognise strategies to prevent and stop bullying.
To identify the support network around us.
To empower ourselves to prevent and stop bullying.

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The boys absolutely loved their anti-bullying workshop. The teachers all commented on how brilliant James was with the boys and how engaged they were in the drama workshops.
Ms F Galligan, Hawkesdown House School


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