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Healthy Me

This fun and interactive workshop focuses on our everyday health and the importance of keeping fit, eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep.

  • Explore the importance of regular exercise through our super fun active workout.
  • Use improvisations to think about the effect different food types have on our bodies.
  • Learn what makes a balanced diet with and why we need to drink plenty of water.
  • Understand the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.

Learning objectives:

To understand ways to keep our bodies healthy.
To understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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NB. For the KS1 version of this workshop, please click here.

Katie was wonderful our year 2 teachers were blown away!

– Mrs G Beale

Would be very happy for her to return next year! All children were engaged and all really enjoyed this fab workshop!

– Ms. S Parish

The children and staff absolutely loved the whole experience.

– Sophie Stuart-Buttle

All the children loved the workshop.

– Sue Bailey

Bella is amazing!! She is so engaging and the children loved the session. She had great control on all the children and made the lovely fun. Thank you, Bella- we will definitely have you back!

– Mrs L Davey

The children really enjoyed this workshop and were very engaged. Thank you

– Therese Maher

Always a pleasure to see Zoe. As I left yesterday, I could see the children in the Drama Studio having a great time with her!

– Ms J Chapman

Thank you Kayleigh, we all enjoyed a great start to our new topic!

– Ms. C Baker

Another fantastic workshop. All classes loved them. Thank you so much!

– Mrs E Wahl

Natalie was engaging and professional. It was an excellent day.

– Anna Smith

Hannah was great and the comments from the staff was positive. Thank you to Hannah who was great and lively.

– Elizabeth Sami

Charlotte was brilliant... friendly, professional and great fun. Children and staff had a great time!

– Victoria McSorland

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the session.

He pitched the level of the session well for my mixed age range children.

– Alison Canning

All of the teachers said it had been a really good session and the children really enjoyed it.

– Clare McDonald

Luke was incredibly accommodating and adapted to the situation accordingly. He was a pleasure to work with!

– Charlene Kirschner

The pupils and staff really enjoyed themselves - thank you very much!

– Alex Hinton

Fantastic workshops, captured the children’s attention, pitched at the right level, activities that were educational and fun. Amy was very good at controlling the children and presenting the workshops.

– Ms. C Glover

Thank you so much - we absolutely love your workshops. Highly engaging and great fun.

– Joanne Nye

Friendly, enthusiastic leaders who always know how to involve even our shy children into the drama fun.

– Sarah Parr

The children enjoyed the workshop. It was imaginative and very active.

– Kim Albery

Age appropriate, engaging, worthwhile. Exactly what we wanted to introduce Black History Week at our school.

– Mr B Weighill

What a great day. The children had a fun time, and were all engaged throughout. We will definitely be booking again.

– melanie miah

Samantha was just brilliant with the children - so much fun and the children loved her. Thank you!

– Rebecca Plaistowe

Fabulous! Friendly and upbeat! Children loved the workshops!

– Renu Puri

Fantastic sessions which were well pitched to each class. Thank you!

– Rebecca Stott

Hannah was extremely professional and held the childrens' focus exceptionally well.

– Ms. J Adams

Our workshop leader was very professional and easy to work with. She was on time and very easygoing about her work space and set-up. The kids loved her energy and really enjoyed the workshop!

– Ms. S Cowhitt

I can't recommend Natalie enough for these workshops. She kept the children engaged throughout the workshops and quickly adapted her style for the age and topic that they were covering. She was great with the children and they all had an amazing two days. Thank you so much Natalie.

– Ms. C Meyers

Hannah's voice and enthusiasm was perfect for the whole age group from Nursery to Year 3. She had complete control and was also nurturing towards the very young children. They all loved the sessions and there was a lovely discussion with Reception children afterwards about whether there was more than one person doing all the characters! Some of them were not convinced it was just one person. That says quite a lot for Hannah's acting skills.

– Alison Cardownie Clare

A fantastic workshop. Children learned so much. Thank you very much.

– Mr J Seymour

Super workshops from a fantastic leader. Thank you!

– Ms. K Agius

It was a fun and interactive workshop, the children enjoyed it.

– Farhat Yasmeen

Brilliant. Children all very much engaged and excited.

– Claire Holly

Excellent. Children all engaged and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

– Ms. E Boxer

Amy was absolutely brilliant. The workshop was entirely appropriate for Year 1 and the children were thoroughly engaged throughout.

There were no behaviour issues as when the class did become a little overexcited, she was able to use simple but effective techniques to nip it in the bud.

Her plenary was well thought out and showed clearly that the children not only had had a great time but had also extended their knowledge of the book and its characters.

– Ms. N Christopher

Shaelee kept all the children engaged, the level of participation was high and all three workshops were well tailored to the age and key stage of the group. We had very positive feedback from the children, and staff could see how much fun they were having.

It was a lovely way for the children to experience some of the stories they already know in an interactive way!

Shaelee accepted our invitation to lunch and all the children wanted to sit with her - thank you Shae!

Loraine Pincott, Head of Early Years, Skippers Hill School.

– Ms. L Pincott

The children really enjoyed themselves and loved the workshop, thank you!

– Ms. F Webber

Teacher training INSET: Practical ideas, lots of opportunities to 'do', trial techniques and then plan drama techniques into a unit as part of planning time. Context as to why was carefully set at the beginning of the session through key questions.

– Mrs E Crow

Camilla was lovely and all the boys enjoyed their Superhero workshop!

– Laura Butt

The children have always enjoyed all of the workshops that you have provided over the past couple of years. They are fully inclusive and great fun.

– Sally Hannam

Laura had lots of energy which motivated the children

– Mrs Y Healy

The children loved the opportunity to time travel and were so excited and engaged! Claire was good with the children and they really enjoyed it.

– Ms. G Smith

It was absolutely delightful to have Lelda today at school. Our children have been lively engaged and able to follow the workshop without problems. Children enjoyed very much her singing and acting.

– Esther Parreu

All staff attending the sessions gave Luke excellent feedback and were very positive about his performance. The children reported having a fantastic time!

– Rachel Sutcliffe

The session was so much fun, one of the children invited Rhia to her birthday party!

Very engaging, great pace and consistent expectations so everyone got as much out of the session as possible. All the children were able to focus and join in, trickier words and unfamiliar concepts were well anticipated and explained.


– Helen West

Lelda was fantastic and the children had the most wonderful time being pirates! She was very organized before the session and contacted me to ask if there was anything I needed to ask or any information that would be helpful to her. She had a wonderful manner with the children and they were so engaged throughout the workshop.

– Ms. E Leyser

The children as always LOVED the workshop. It was so lovely to have the pre-school and even year 3 involved this time and I know the staff who hadn't been in the sessions before really enjoyed them. They also came to me and said how great they were for the classes and how each session was pitched at just the right level for their age range. Thank you!!

– Charlotte Ridley

Carl was excellent, my staff here at school were really impressed with the session and the children were fully engaged even when I had to leave half way through the session briefly.

– Fiona Drury

Jordan is a fantastic drama teacher who engaged the children from the moment they stepped into the room. He was engaging, highly motivated and truly captured the children's imagination. There was a real buzz in the school after he left and the children went on to use their new skills out in the playground. I would highly recommend Jordan and will welcome him back with open arms.

– Gill Smith

The children always have a brilliant time when the leaders from Perform come to school. They are always very excited during the workshop, and it is fantastic to see them come out of their shell performing together!

– Nicole Gibbens

Maria was lovely and brilliant during the session! The session was fully interactive and the children responded well, even those who were a little hesitant at first.

– Lucy Nash

The workshop was very active and imaginative.

– Miss S Basharat

Abi is a wonderful teacher. Our children were engaged throughout the session and really loved it.

Our teachers watching said that it was fab CPD as they learnt techniques they will use with their classes. Thank you

– Ms. J Camp-Overy

This was an extremely engaging and interactive workshop. The children all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you very much!

– Mrs O'Malley

Jessica was absolutely fabulous. Every child in the school joined in and thoroughly enjoyed her sessions. All adults who watched the session agreed with how well the sessions went. When we have Perform back in school, we will definitely be asking for Jess to visit again.

– Vicki - Burkitt School

Fantastic delivery, made everyone feel at ease. Very approachable and engaging. Would highly recommend. All staff commented the best INSET workshop for a long time. They were given so many ideas.

– Mrs K Braniff - St Cedd's School

The children loved it. I wish we could have this sort of activity on the curricuum every week.

– Naomi Levy - Heathfield

The children are really enjoying their after school club. This is the 2nd term and I am really happy with Perform , the content and quality of the drama and with Aimee.

– Tricia O'Shea - international Community School

Lucy captivated the childrens imagination in a fun and engaging way. She pitched all 4 sessions at just the right level and her energy and enthusiasm never failed.

– Caroline Markham - Broadhurst

It was an excellent first session. Children responded well to Carly and really enjoyed themselves. She had good control - a well run club.

– Karen Duckworth - Padbury CE School

Thanks for a truly amazing and magical workshop! Our children loved it!

– Katie Horwood - William Morris

The children always have a very enjoyable time when they work with Sam. The writing that follows is very informative. Great fun.

– Janet Kirby - Weeke Primary School, Winchester

Katriona was super- boys thoroughly engaged, good discipline and lots of fun!

– D Hood - Lanesborough School

Rachel kept the children spellbound and they have already memorised the key facts.

– Jane Ebberson - West Wycombe Combined

The children loved it. It was a great way to start our new topic as it grabbed the children's attention and raised levels of enthusiasm.

– Ruth Bodfish - St John's RC Primary

Laura was great and the children responded well. The teachers all gave positive feedback to me too.

– Rachael Bishop - David Livingstone Academy

Sam is a great workshop leader who enthuses and excites the children. This was our second workshop and I would happily book again/ recommend Perform For Schools.

– Clare Alderson - Sarisbury Junior School

The children loved the sessions and were very engaged. Jessica had good control over the children. The session was informative and the children were able to consolidate their knowledge about seaside holidays from the past. Jessica was really accommodating. All in all an excellent and engaging session!

– Georgina Vaughan - John Keble CofE Primary School

Kirstie was firm but fair. The children responded well to her and as always there was plenty packed into the session. We look forward to the remainder of the workshops. Thanks

– Jeannette Burgues - SSPP Primary School

Laura had great behaviour management with the children and kept the workshop fun and interesting.

– Claire Sugrue - St James's School

Serena was great with the children, she pitched the workshops at the right level for the different year groups. They all had a super time.

– Linda Mason - Weybourne Infant

Teachers all said children greatly enjoyed the workshops and talked enthusiastically about the content.

– Irene Johnston - Lowther Primary

Rachel had good control over the class and was able to calm them down when they became over-excited.

– C Naylor-Smith - Quainton Hall

The leader was fabulous. All teachers feedback to me was about how the children were active throughout, enjoyed the workshop and behaviour management was excellent.

– Lisa Bosse - Granton Primary School

Sophie was really enthusiastic and the children from reception and comments from other teachers in other year groups said they really enjoyed it!

– Vicky Hayman - Reigate Parish Church School

Very fast-paced session. The children loved it! No time to get bored, great behaviour management and a super cool/calm down part at the end, enabling us to write about Perform too!

– Catherine Bourne - Loxwood Primary School

The children very much enjoyed the session and Garry gauged the children's attention well to determine the appropriate length of the session. We will use some of his ideas within our lessons to continue the week.

– Nicola Stone - St. Ursula's Infants

The girls really enjoyed the workshop and the content was excellent. Allison was brilliant, she was so enthusiastic and engaging.

– Emma Baldwin - Streatham and Clapham Junior School

The leader was very enthusiastic and the children all loved it. She was very good with managing them and getting all participating.

– Emily Lawford - Oatlands School

The teachers were very positive in their comments and felt the children really benefitted from the workshop. They felt they were engaged throughout.

– Lorraine Lawrence - Charville Primary School

The workshop was perfect for the age group and Pamela was amazing. Teachers were very impressed how she reacted to the children and able to differentiate with each class. We would love to have Pamela again.

– Tessa Denham - Devonshire House School

The children always enjoy the workshops you provide and your staff are always well organised and very good with the children.

– Nikki Mace - Hamsey Green Primary School

The workshops were very creative and encouraged the children to use lots of vocabulary and their imaginations. Thank you again.

– Liz Jenkins - Newton Preparatory

The children loved it and really got involved. We have had workshops led by Lucy before and they have always been a success.

– Tina Sharman - Southville Infant & Nursery

We have had Abi present her workshops several times now in the EYFS. She is amazing. The content is always spot on for our age range. Her enthusiasm is incredible. She always leaves both the children and adults full of enthusiasm and ideas. Thank you again.

– Beth Bishop - St Hilda's School

The children always enjoy themselves hugely and the trainers are always very enthusiastic.

– Sheila Sturgess - Caversham Park Primary School
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