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Romeo & Juliet

Explore William Shakespeare’s tale of two star-crossed lovers, whose marriage disrupts the city of Verona and ultimately ends in tragic results for both Romeo and Juliet.

* Learn basic stage commands. E.G Stage Left, Stage Right. 
* Show key events in the play through freeze-frame and role play.
* Improvise main characters in the play and experiment with the script.
* Be introduced to Iambic Pentameter and learn how different Shakespearen characters speak in contrasting rhythms. 
* Learn the ‘Live For Today’ Song.

Learning objectives:

To recognise and understand one of Shakespeare's famous plays.
To participate in role play.
To use gestures and intonation to develop acting skills.
To speak clearly with confidence.
To speak audibly and  fluently with an increasing command of standard English.

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Really surprised that a theme like Shakespeare could work so well with both the younger and older groups.
Kathy Foley - Discovery Summer Queen's Gate

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