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Ancient Greece

Voyage across the Mediterranean to a sunny land of myths and legends but also the cradle of theatre, music, politics and poetry.

* Learn why Greece is called 'the birthplace of western civilization'
* Warm up with a traditional and energetic Greek-style dance
* Create freeze frames of Hera marrying Zeus & Hercules strangling snakes
* Hot seat characters to learn about daily Greek life
* Learn the 'Greeks were Great' rap
* Recreate Greek stories and explore Greeks states through role-play and improvisation.  

Learning objectives:

To explore the legacy of Ancient Greek Culture.

To recognise the achievements and influences of the Ancient Greeks on the modern world.

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The children greatly enjoyed the workshops and all 3 workshops that we had completely captured the childrens imaginations and they greatly enjoyed the various activities.The children were active and responded very well to behaviour techniques that were employed by Rebecca the workshop leader. A broad overview with some facts was given in the workshops about the chosen topics and maybe more facts could be included to extend their learning and understanding whilst the children participated. Teachers were also keen to receive more information before hand so effective links could be made with planning. A really good, fun experience - thank you!
Claire Kinsella - Wivelsfield Primary

NB. For the KS1 version of this workshop, please click here.

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