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Vikings vs Anglo Saxons

Come back to the Dark Ages, a time when England looked very different. Farming, thick oak forests everywhere and many Kings ruling different parts of England. The time of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings is one of the most formative periods in British history, when the country experienced several waves of invasion. 

* Discover who the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings were and how they fit into our history today
* Create Freeze Frames of daily life in that time and the effect of the invasions
* Hot seat characters to learn about the differences between the Anglo Saxons and Vikings
* Learn The Vikings vs. Saxons Rap.

Learning objectives:

To explore Britain's settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.
To understand why the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings came to Britain.
To understand an aspect of history beyond 1066.

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Staff were VERY impressed with Lucy's professionalism, content of workshop and the way she interacted and controlled the children.  The children loved every minute, their attention was held perfectly and they talked about it for most of the afternoon.  All children and staff say THANK YOU
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