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Light & Sound

Ever wondered why light can't turn around corners? Or how quickly sound travels? In this Explorer Workshop, the children will discover fascinating facts using drama skills

* Meet Luna Shine (actor in-role)
* Do the Light and Sound warm up
* Learn about Light sources
* Go on a Night and Day improvisation
* Complete a hearing assault course

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Sally was totally engaging. Children were hooked right from the start of her workshop and the energy and enthusiasm with which she delivered the sessions was infectious. I was particularly impressed how she was able to mix learning of key scientific ideas and facts with the imaginative drama elements. A really good example of how to teach a range of subjects through drama. It was easy to see how we could use the session as a stimulus for some creative writing. Her behaviour management was impressive and she was able to include all children, including a boy with severe learning difficulties. Really inspiring and a great start to science week for the children involved.
William Power - Manorfield Primary Schooln

NB. For the KS2 version of this workshop, please click here.

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