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Grab your cape, mask and boots and help save the world from the destructive powers of ‘The Bad Boppa’ and The Party People’ by zooming off on an adventure to teach them about the importance of our environment and how to recycle.

  • Create individual Superhero Characters and become them. 
  • Journey to Party Land in a Superhero Sonic Rocket improvisation. 
  • Learn the Rocket in my Pocket song.

Learning objectives:

To immerse ourselves in the superhero world.
To begin to understand how the choices of humans can have a negative effect on the Earth.

NB. This workshops is suitable for Foundation and KS1.

For more information or to book, click here to contact us or book online.

I have already asked our secretary to retain all of your information so that we can book another next year!  Utterly brilliant!  I particularly loved the control that Rachel had; she took no nonsense, but at the same time totally enthralled and involved all of the children.
Pam Maskell - Albury C Of E

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