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Shine Everything Is Possible Winter 2022

The Circus Adventure

Our spring theme for 4-7s

Roll up! From January to April, 4–7s will be somersaulting, cartwheeling, clowning and juggling their way into the Big Top as we go on an amazing Circus Adventure!

They’ll discover a world of acrobats, trapeze artists and fire-eaters, cheer up the Clown With A Frown and crack their whips in the funky Lion Tamer's dance.

Our enthusiastic and experienced teachers will bring this colourful story to life with a fun-packed mix of games, exercises, raps and tongue-twisters. Your child will enjoy themselves so much that they won't notice how much their skills are developing, but we are certain that you will!

Get the album

Each term, there is a specially produced themed mp3 album (also available on CD) packed full of songs, dances and stories to enjoy at home. Featuring songs such as Lion Tamer, Circus Flea and Clown With A Frown, this album is colourful fun for every little circus performer. Visit perform.org.uk/circusmp3

Any new sign-ups and those taking out a new Direct Debit agreement can download the mp3 absolutely FREE!*

Download the FREE app

We've created our very own Circus Adventure app for your child to enjoy in conjunction with our classes. Children can enjoy flexing their creativity in Clown Face, putting on a show in My Big Top, honing their coordination skills as the Circus Ringmaster and developing their concentration in Amazing Acrobats. Available on Apple and coming soon to Amazon App Stores and Google Play.

Watch the videos

Visit perform.org.uk/circus where you can be inspired by the videos we’ve made for some of The Circus Adventure songs, performed by professional actors and singers.


And that's not all

To accompany the weekly classes, children will take home a colourful sticker poster with stickers to collect each week, plus a special script to help them rehearse for the end of term performance.

Mary comes away from each session so happy and bubbly, we can see the difference it makes. - Sarah Dimmer

Try a Circus Adventure class FREE. Your 4-7 year old can try a free class if they've never tried Perform before; there's no obligation. Just visit perform.org.uk/try.

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