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Keeping your child safe

We've always put children at the heart of everything we do so we're keen to help your child back to the real world of laughter, fun and social interactions. But of course, it goes without saying that their safety and security is paramount at all times.

Following advice from Public Health England and the Department for Education, we've worked hard to adapt our classes to meet the latest government guidelines while preserving all the benefits of confidence-building fun and developing social skills that are the hallmark of our success.

So you can relax knowing all our classes are as safe as we can possibly make them.

While there are changes in the way we do things, what hasn't changed is the warmth, energy and professionalism of our workshop leaders, our unique singing and dancing activities and the laughter and benefits your child will experience every day they attend Perform.

Click the video to see Lucy Quick, our Principal, explain some of the measures we’ve put in place to keep your child safe or view the details below. Feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Social distancing

  • Late-afternoon weekday classes now start 5 minutes later than usual (so 5pm classes will start at 5.05pm and 5.15pm classes at 5.20pm etc.) to avoid congestion at changeovers.
  • Registration takes place at the main door of the venue for a socially distanced face-to-face handover and parents will not be permitted to enter venues.
  • Registration Forms are now online rather than paper, eliminating the need for physical signing at the venue. All Registration Forms must be electronically signed before a child is admitted.
  • Children are grouped in small consistent bubbles that never meet.
  • There are no contact or direct hand-holding activities.

Food and drinks

  • At weekend classes, children can bring their own labelled water bottle.
  • Children are reminded not to share food or drink with anyone and are asked to wash their hands before and after they eat.
  • Water bottles are placed on a table and the children are able to visit the table when they need a drink.

Medication and first aid

  • Regular reminders will be made to all parents not to attend if their child is displaying Coronavirus symptoms.
  • Any medication should be given to the Producer who will store this safely, as normal.
  • All Perform Producers have up to date paediatric first aid training and qualifications.
  • In line with the new guidelines, Producers will wear a mask, gloves and an apron when administering any first aid.


  • If your child or a member of your household experiences Coronavirus symptoms less than 14 days before a class or course, please do not attend and follow Public Health England guidelines.
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