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Learn something new this lockdown

It's week 9 of lockdown and, even though the rules are being eased little by little, it still feels like I'm constantly searching for new things to do and new ways to keep everyone entertained (and half-term is not going to be much respite!).

I've found it particularly useful speaking to other Mums and sharing ideas to help each other get through each week. You may have read our wonderful Producer Hannah's article, sharing how she's navigated the home school timetable. It certainly helped our family. We've been mixing one-to-one lessons and DIY project-based learning into our week. It's also allowed me a little more focused time on my own work. They're both doing Perform At Home too, of course, which leads me nicely into our next project.

Roll up, roll up! Welcome to Circus School!

In keeping with The Greatest Show on Earth theme behind our interactive online classes, we'll be turning the house into a mini Circus School. We've been inspired by 12 year old Louis, who has spent the last week or so developing his circus and magic skills and, with our help, has filmed these fantastic short videos.

How to toss a Diablo

In this video, Louis will show you what you need to know so your child can master the Diabolo in no time. Order your Diabolo from the Perform Shop

Step-by-step juggling

Juggling can be easily mastered by almost any age with a  bit of hard work. This Juggling Balls Set is available from the Perform Shop.

Professor Awesome's magic tricks

There's a whole range of small magic tricks at the Perform Shop including this amazing Dynamic Coins trick which will leave the whole family guessing. 

You can get all of these and more on The Perform Shop. I'd love to see if you give any a try and do let us know what's been keeping you busy during lockdown.

Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay healthy!


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