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The Greatest Show On Earth

Online acting, singing and dance classes with songs from The Greatest Show On Earth

From April to June, 7-12s will be exploring the life of legendary impressario P. T. Barnum and learning songs from original mini-musical The Greatest Show On Earth.

Using acting techniques including hot seating, role-play and instant improvisation the classes will be a whirlwind of fun, imagination and storytelling.

Over seven weeks, our enthusiastic and inspiring Producers will work their magic to nurture your child's potential and ensure they enjoy every second. They'll guide the children each step of the way and encourage them to project their voices, learn energetic dances and sing some original pop songs - all while developing the Perform 4 Cs.

Listen to the songs and see the lyrics here.

Rachel has the most wonderful way with the children in her class and captures their attention and imagination more than pretty much anyone else I’ve seen - we are so happy with the classes. My children, Grace and Ben, never require and encouragement to participate.

– Ms Helen T Smith

The team worked so hard to make a Covid time holiday course work and feel as normal and fun as possible for the children. Well done!

– Mrs Azza Poole

Holly is thoroughly enjoying the sessions. Rachel is brilliant at interacting with the children & is obviously very passionate about what she does. Thank you:)

– Miss Jeni Wadkin

I was looking for something to keep Nora occupied during lockdown and as soon as the first class it finished she came and asked me if she could sign up! I'm really impressed with the whole thing. Everything I've seen and heard is fabulous!

– Miss Hesione Quinn

Incredible teacher, amazing variations of activities, brilliant themes each week!

– Mrs Jessie Freeman

Class days, times and costs

Click here for the list of days and times. You can sign up by purchasing classes in blocks of 6 weeks. Classes can be cancelled at any time and the resulting credit used for any future Perform products or services. 

Perform At Home classes cost £8 per class for blocks of 6 or less, £7.20 each for 12 and £6.80 for blocks of 18 or more. 

Please note that availability is limited but we will be opening new classes as demand dictates so, if there is no space in your chosen class, please do go on the waiting list and we will contact you when a place becomes available. 

Access via Zoom

Perform At Home classes are hosted on Zoom -  the world's leading video conferencing platform. For more information on our reasons for selecting Zoom and reassurance as to security and privacy, please click here

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