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Meet our Producers

Our Perform at Home leaders are some of our most experienced Producers. Warm, friendly and talented actors, singers and dancers who are there to guide, encourage and inspire your child.

Click below to see more details or click one of the names to hear a video message from GrantHannah,  JordanKelly or Rhia



My name is Grant and I’m from Belfast in sunny Northern Ireland! I trained in Musical Theatre at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in North London, and I’ve been lucky enough to teach the children at perform for five and a half years now. I’m so thrilled that I get this opportunity to help them learn, grow and play even while we’re in lockdown!

Grant runs Perfom At Home sessions for 4-7s and 7-12s on Mondays from 4:00pm - 5:40pm. Book online.

Favourite thing about Perform?
Transporting myself and the children every class to amazing new adventures in crazy new places - using a little bit of magic and a big bit of imagination!

Best thing about lockdown?
I’ve started writing and recording a whole album of fun songs of my own! Maybe you can help me write some cool new tunes and throw in some of your own words too!

Worst thing about lockdown?
Not being able to get outside and explore. So I guess that means we’ll just have to make our own adventures!

Why Perform At Home?
There is no better way to help support your child’s learning and development during this period than doing it with fun, laughter, games, music and lots of encouragement - all from the comfort of your own front room!



Hi! I'm Hannah. I am an actor, director and theatre-maker, and I love trips to the theatre. I enjoy reading, dog walks, history and chocolate. Easter is my favourite holiday!

Hannah runs Perfom At Home sessions for 4-7s and 7-12s on Tuesdays from 4:00pm - 5:40pm. Book online.

Favourite thing about Perform?
Being able to be my hyper-self and no-one batting an eyelid. In fact, the kids actually LIKE me being a nutter! I don't get the same response from my husband...

Best thing about lockdown?
The "life on-pause" situation. I am spending some quality time with my own children: using Perform's amazing dance routines for their PE lessons, of course! I'm keeping my creative cap on and using theatre games such as Hot Seating to help my children learn about famous literary and historical characters.

Worst thing about lockdown?
Missing my Perform children's end of term shows. They all worked incredibly hard and I am proud of each and every one of them for their achievements. If any of them are reading this: YOU ROCK!

Why Perform At Home?
Each child deserves to let off steam, socialise, build their confidence and, most importantly, have fun... and on the other hand; all Mums, Dads and carers deserve a hot cup of tea in peace!


Jordan Harrington

Hi Everyone! My name is Jordan and I am from Ascot in Berkshire. I am an actor/singer and I trained at Arts Educational Schools, London, studying Musical Theatre. I have been working at Perform for over three years.

Jordan runs Perfom At Home sessions for 4-7s and 7-12s on Wednesdays from 4:35pm - 5:40pm. Book online.

Favourite thing about Perform?
My favourite thing is how I'm able to be as ridiculous and silly as possible in class everyday and how much we laugh. I love seeing the children have tonnes of fun as their confidence grows.

Best thing about lockdown?
Funnily enough, I am a total introvert so I've been loving the alone time! I've been able to use this time to develop my skills, like cooking and writing scripts.

Worst thing about lockdown?
Not being able to see my friends has been the worst for me! I miss them so much.

Why Perform At Home?
Simply because I know that every Perform class is built around giving your children the best fun of week as well as teaching them important, fundamental life skills.



Hi Everyone! My name is Kelly and I am a singer from Colchester in Essex, which is where I also studied Musical Theatre. I have worked at Perform for over two years now and enjoy socialising and travelling abroad. Perform blends my passion for teaching and performing into one job - perfect!

Kelly runs Perfom At Home sessions for 4-7s and 7-12s on Thursdays from 4:35pm - 5:40pm. Book online.

Favourite thing about Perform?
Seeing the children's enthusiasm and excitement on their faces each week and watching their confidence soar through the roof!

Best thing about lockdown?
Watching films and eating popcorn!

Worst thing about lockdown?
Missing my mum and not seeing the happy children's faces at Perform.

Why Perform At Home?
It's amazing that we can still continue children's development and have Perform fun whilst at home, it's great for them to be able to switch off for 30 minutes and lift their spirits, whilst the grown ups can hopefully put their feet up and do the same!



Hi all! My name is Rhia and I am a Perform Producer and actor. I trained in acting at Bournemouth University.

Rhia runs Perfom At Home sessions for 4-7s and 7-12s on Fridays from 4:00pm - 5:40pm. Book online.

Favourite thing about Perform?
Seeing the children's faces light up during our PF adventures and hearing their creative, hilarious ideas!

Best thing about lockdown?
Getting to spend more quality time with the people I live with.

Worst thing about lockdown?
Not being able to see my parents' dogs (Jack and Jenson). I can't wait to cuddle them soon.

Why Perform At Home?
The sessions continue to build on the children's skills; as well as providing fun, entertainment and routine. Plus, I can't wait to see their smiley faces again!

Mollie absolutely loves the online sessions. After seeing her friends and teacher she was on top of the world. Can't thank Perform enough for all of the help and support. We are loving the whole experience.

– Mrs Emma Scaddan

Thank you for conducting the classes on Zoom. Perform has been a welcome change in my daughter's weekly schedule, giving her chance to join friends and have fun. 

– Mr Sachin Randunne

Kuba loves the class and even enjoyed the online lessons. Laura is a great teacher and engages amazingly with all the kids.

– Mrs Agata Atkins

I was looking for something to keep Nora occupied during lockdown and as soon as the first class it finished she came and asked me if she could sign up! I'm really impressed with the whole thing. Everything I've seen and heard is fabulous!

– Miss Hesione Quinn

Rachel has the most wonderful way with the children in her class and captures their attention and imagination more than pretty much anyone else I’ve seen - we are so happy with the classes. My children, Grace and Ben, never require and encouragement to participate.

– Ms Helen T Smith

Isaac likes his classes at Perform. They are very fun and energetic. Tom is amazing at engaging him and knowing when he needs a boost of encouragement to join in.

– Mrs Sanjida Huddy

Rhia is great, she knows how to engage the children and Wilhelmina always has a wonderful time. It's a fabulous distraction for all of us at this tough time!

– Charlotte Howard

Freddy loves it, Grant is hugely entertaining and Freddy is often in fits of giggles. Freddy has also started to interact a lot more and has grown in confidence. Good all round!

– Mrs Kathryn Scott

I’m really pleased with the class. Poppy can be quite shy in front of an audience but she really enjoys these classes. It’s great how Perform have adapted the class and have been able to run these at home. It’s been a welcome addition to our week. 

– Mrs Helen Mccaughran

I was afraid my 5 year old would get bored but, in fact, he finds the class hilarious and is totally engaged in the activities. The online classes are very imaginative and well thought out for the age group.

– Ms Tara Homan
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