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New themes for September 2018

We have three new fantastic themes – The Circus Adventure for 4-7s, Rome ‘n Jewels for 7-12s and Alien Invasion for our dance classes for 6-12s - all starting next term in September. 

The Circus Adventure

This September, 4–7s will be somersaulting, cartwheeling and clowning their way into the Big Top as we go on an amazing Circus Adventure! They’ll discover a world of acrobats, trapeze artists and fire-eaters, cheer up the Clown With A Frown and crack their whips in the funky Lion Tamer’s dance. 

Our experienced teachers will bring this story to life with a fun-packed mix of games, exercises, raps and tongue-twisters. Your child will be having so much fun they won’t notice how their skills are developing, but we are certain you will!


Rome n Jewels artworkRome 'n Jewels

7–12s will be rehearsing a unique adaptation of the Shakespearean classic Romeo and Juliet this September, set on the mean streets of modern day London. Each night, Vampire and Werewolf gangs fight a turf-war that’s spiralling out of control. Can Rome and Jewels’ friendship resolve the feud and bring harmony back to the neighbourhood?

Fizzing with cool hip hop sounds, street moves and songs including the howl-tastic hit Vamp It Up, this is a sensational show for the autumn term.



Alien InvasionAlien Invasion

Our Perform X dance classes for 6–12s will be learning this hilarious dance telling the story of how we got invaded by aliens – and loved every minute of it!

Whether shopping, sightseeing or taking crazy selfies, these aliens have a lot in common with us. And, given their unique infectious dance moves, how long before they get the whole planet poppin’ and lockin’?






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