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Rome 'n Jewels

Each term, Perform 7-12s put together a specially written show with original music, high energy dance and lots of funny scenes to enjoy. From September, we’ll be rehearsing a unique adaptation of the Shakespearean classic Romeo and Juliet, set on the mean streets of modern-day London - Rome 'n Jewels.

Every night on the dark streets of London, Vampire and Werewolf gangs fight an ancient turf war that's spiralling out of control. Can the friendship between Rome and Jewels resolve the feud and bring harmony back to the urban underworld?

Fizzing with cool hip-hop sounds, street moves and songs including the howl-tastic hit Vamp It Up, this is a sensational show for the autumn term.

As well as weekly fun and the chance to make new friends, your child can take home a special DVD* featuring all the songs and dances in the show. They will also receive a special script to rehearse with before amazing family and friends with their brilliant performance at the end of term. 

Click the video links below for a sneak preview of some of the songs and dances included in the production:

Vamp It Up
Eye For An Eye
Isn't It Crazy?
Live For Today

A Rome 'n Jewels DVD FREE for all new sign-ups

The Rome 'n Jewels DVD contains all the production videos from the show performed by professional actors, singers and dancers and can be purchased at the classes and from the Perform Shop. And new sign-ups and those taking out a new Direct Debit agreement can take one home absolutely FREE!*

You can also download the songs plus special karaoke versions in mp3 format here.

* Free DVD offer applies to new sign-ups or when taking out a new Direct Debit. Terms and conditions apply.


Download the FREE app

Download the Rome n' Jewels app

Download on the App store

The Rome 'n Jewels app for iPhone and iPad is the ideal companion to the show. It contains a complete copy of the script (best viewed on iPad), special walk-through videos of the songs and dance moves to help you perfect your performances and full production films of professional actors performing the musical numbers. 

Click here to download the Perform Rome n' Jewels app FREE from the App Store.

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