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Our curriculum

Classes for 7-12s last one hour on weekdays after school and 90 minutes on Saturday mornings and afternoons. The sessions are divided into three sections,each focusing on a different performing arts discipline. 

Movement & Dance - starts with an energetic and fun group of exercises designed to inspire the imagination, develop coordination and reduce the chance of injury. The choreographer will then progress to technical work on physical skills and detailed stylistic notes.

Speech & Singing - aims to increase the flexibility of the vocal cords, develop basic musical reading and improve articulation and projection while maintaining good technique. The small groups allow most children to have solo or featured roles if they wish.

Acting & Improvisation - includes a series of drama-based games and exercises to boost confidence such as focus work, character communication and vocal projection. The director will also progress to more detailed performance notes on areas such as character, physicality and accents.

Each term, the children work together as a team rehearsing a special written musical production for family and friends on the last day. Past productions have included The Dream (based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream), Ebenezer (based on Dickens' A Christmas Carol), Bluebeard's Bride and Robinson Crusoe In Space. To help the children to learn the songs and dances at home, there is a new DVD of the songs from the show each term plus videos online.

Liana was being so badly bullied at school that she had become a shell of herself. Perform is making such a difference to her confidence levels and Charlotte is absolutely wonderful with the children.

– Mrs Stephanie Killaspy

Since joining the group Molly's confidence has rocketed she is absolutely loving the sessions! Thank you so much.

– Ms Simone Lyons

My daughter has really bad stage fright and since coming here she has really started to come out of her shell! I’m amazed!! It’s brilliant!!!

– Ms Fern Chapman

Emilia absolutely loves the songs, dancing and games and we can already see that the class will be hugely beneficial to her, helping her grow in confidence and improving her focus and communication skills.

– Mrs Hayley Collins

The teachers are professional, engaging and have a real passion for their jobs. The content is structured well thought out and engaging and I have already noticed a difference in the confidence of my girls.

– Mrs Claire Hunter

Every activity at Perform is designed to develop one of The 4 Cs - Confidence, Concentration, Communication or Coordination.

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