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Celebrating World Cultures


Each term at Perform for 4-7s, we have a different theme around which we base our drama, dance and singing resources.

The themes range from imaginary places such as Fairytale Forest to historical and cultural idioms like The Wild West.  Tor the summer term just ending, it was Mermaids and Pirates. We work hard to ensure we create exciting, inspirational, adventurous themes that will engage the children wholeheartedly in our Perform activities each week.

However, when we sat down to decide on our first ever theme (a few years ago now), there was no question about it - it had to be Around the World.

What could be more amazing, thrilling and exhilarating than being able to ski down the Alps, star in a Hollywood movie, meet an African lion, samba in Rio, or climb Mount Everest and all in one term? The list of activities is endless as there are so many wonderful places to visit, people to meet and animals to see in the four corners of our globe. It’s such a fantastic theme and so I’m delighted to announce that, once again, we’ll be heading off Around the World for the autumn term.

Each week we’ll also be learning to say “hello” in a different language and generally celebrating the world’s incredible diversity world through music, dance and drama.

When I visit the classes, it always strikes me that we are incredibly lucky to have children from most countries in the world attending Perform. We are so much richer in every way through having this wonderful mix of languages, cultures and traditions in our workshops every week and in this country in general.

Now more than ever, it’s important to be outward-looking and I, for one, feel that our theme of Around the World is particularly timely.

Irrespective of the politics of the situation, we at Perform believe it’s vital that our children continue to learn about and celebrate different cultures and nationalities, as well as feel proud about their own heritage whatever it may be. To do so in the context of drama is a great way of making such subjects accessible and digestible for young people.

So, if you’re thinking of bringing your child to Perform next term or if you are already booked in, I promise you we’re going to have the biggest, most colourful adventure yet. And to get everyone in the mood, why not take a look at the accompanying Around the World app which you can download here.




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