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Teaching children about climate change

It’s such a busy time in the run up to the school holidays so thank you for taking the time to read this blog. For me, the end of a term is primarily focused on next term's curriculum and accompanying resources and we are currently finalising our Superheroes theme for our 4-7 year olds which starts on 4th January.

When we originally put together this theme we didn't want it to just be a Superheroes adventure (as fun as that would be). As with all Perform themes, we wanted to have an underlying message and we c ame up with the idea to tie it in with a real-life world problem - global warming.

In our story (much like in real life), no one quite knows what to do about the fact the world is getting hotter, so we have the world's superheroes called in for an Emergency Global Challenge Conference to help save Planet Earth. This is how Superheroes - The Climate Change Challenge was born and, not only has it has been one of our most successful themes at Perform ever, it's was also very interesting to be working on this last week as our world leaders gathered at the start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

In our story, there are a group of 'Party People' who live in 'Partyland' and spend their whole life using up the earth’s resources frivolously. The mission is to stop them and make them change their ways. 

Each superhero comes forward with an idea but none seem to work on its own. By the end of term, they realise that solving global warming isn’t something that just one superhero can solve – it can actually only be changed by everyone (both normal and super) coming together and doing their bit to help. Throughout the course, we learn and reinforce the 3 Rs: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. 

I think we all know that Superheroes is a brilliant theme for children so combining it with the concept of both understanding and attempting to solve global warming means that it educates too.  And that’s always our aim at Perform – to have fun but equally, to learn at the same time. 

So here it is: The Superhero Global Challenge – why not take a look at some of the songs we’ll be working on next term with the children or download the excellent accompany app for iPhone and iPad. I’d love to know what you think as I, for one, can’t wait until the new term in the New Year!  


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