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Sparking Imaginations Through Drama

Perform For Schools provides creative and topic-based drama and dance workshops to primary schools. Year 6 teacher, Lauren Binks, tells us how it has helped the children and teachers at her school.

We have several aims when we’re booking an external drama-based workshop. Firstly, we want the session to give children a chance to come out of their shell and share any skills that they may not always get to share in the classroom. We also want our children to learn something during the session, whether it’s about a curriculum based topic or new drama and dance skills.

Our children love the Perform For Schools workshops...we often steal ideas to use back in the classroom!

We’ll often book Perform For Schools to complement the topic children are learning about. For example, if we're studying a hero or heroine, such as Florence Nightingale, we may look to book a workshop which focuses on her. We also run workshops for specific events such as anti-bullying week and Diwali celebrations to help make these events special for the children.

Our children love the Perform For Schools workshops as it’s something different from their normal school day. And it’s wonderful to see the confidence in a child grow if they get the chance to take part in frequent workshops. It’s also a professional development opportunity for the teachers as we’re able to learn new things from the trained actors. We often steal ideas from the workshops to use back in the classroom!

Lauren Binks
Year 6 teacher, Alexander McLeod Primary School

Perform For Schools workshops use children’s natural love of drama, role-play and improvisation to spark imaginations and stimulate interest in a wide range of topics, each closely aligned to the National Curriculum. If you’re a teacher or would like to recommend us to your school, you can call 020 7255 9121 or visit performforschools.org.uk for more information about our free drama and dance workshops

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