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Shine Everything Is Possible Spring 2024

Weekly Focuses

​Summer Term 2024

This term, alongside the Fairytale Forest theme for 4–7s and
Robinson Crusoe In Space for 7–12s, the children will work on
developing a different social skill each week. From learning how to
take turns and the importance of effective eye contact to the art of
telling a joke, we’ll wrap up the learning in fun drama-based games.
You can pull out these pages to keep track of what your child will
learn each week. Fairytale Forest for 4–7s and Robinson Crusoe for 7–12s.

Week 1: 13th - 19th of April

Welcome to the Summer term!

Ice-breaker games and fun welcoming activities will be the focus this week as we introduce our two new summer themes.

We’ll get started on our fantastic new themes: Fairytale Forest for 4–7s  and Robinson Crusoe for 7–12s.

Week 2: 20th - 26th of April

Using Eye Contact

Sometimes children find it hard to look adults in the eye when talking to them, especially when meeting them for the first time.

4-7s: In Confident communication requires excellent eye contact. We'll use role-play to demonstrate why it's important and how a recipient may feel if you don't look them in the eye.

7-12s: In We'll play lots of fun eye contact exercises and discuss why it's crucial to look into the eyes of the person you're talking to and how to embrace an audience when speaking to a group.

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