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We're back, Covid-Safe and better than ever!

We were hugely excited to reopen our classes in September but it’s fair to say that I did have some apprehension about how we could make it work with ever-changing government guidelines. We were faced with two main challenges: how could we make the classes Covid-Secure, and how could we ensure that every class still delivered the essence of Perform - filled with fun, energy and confidence-boosting learning? 

We’re now a month into the term and I’m delighted to say that the classes are a huge success, with both parents and children giving us wonderful feedback. In fact, some changes are proving so successful that I think we may make some of them permanent when things return to normal. To give you a little more insight, I’m pleased to share this brand new video with you, showing some of our new measures in practice.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post back in June, when returning to Perform post-lockdown, I must admit that I was worried about how well some of our activities would translate given the new measures we had to put in place. However, I had no need to worry. Our inventive and imaginative teachers have turned the changes into an adventure for the children and they continue to amaze me daily with their creativity. The children themselves haven’t been phased by the changes. They continue to come into the class ready for fun and it’s fantastic to see them settling back into class and routine.

The sessions are put on brilliantly in a covid-safe way whilst ensuring the children have fun and feel involved. - Julie McQuaid 

It goes without saying that your children's safety and security is of paramount importance but we won’t let the changes we make in the class affect the fun, learning and enjoyment the children get out of our classes and, of course, the benefits they get from attending every week.

Parents have been incredibly supportive and understanding of our new procedures and I’m always keen to hear your thoughts on our classes so do feel free to drop me a line with any input. 

If you're keen to try our new Covid-Safe classes for youself, do call us on 0207 255 9120 or book your FREE trial online

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