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Last Month in the Blogosphere - March 2011

The clocks have gone forward, cruelly robbing us of an hour of sleep - but, now the evenings are lighter for longer, I remember why really it's worth it!

Spring is here - hooray!

Before you know it, Easter will be upon us. Incidentally if you are wondering what to do with your little ones over the Easter break might I suggest a Perform Holiday course?

Right, shameless self promotion over - it's time for the monthly round up - here are my picks for March 2011:

If you only read one post this month, I urge you to read this one from Domestic Goddesque - Remembering Doesn't Stop just because it's not Remembrance Day

Then, head over to Blogger.Ed and check out Humans Suck Sometimes - a reminder that there are people behind those pixels...

Find out what love is chez Crystal Jigsaw - Love in Spades.

Then go to to Susan K Mann's and read her touching tribute to her great Aunt in - In Memory of a Wonderful Woman.

New Mum suffering from sleep deprivation? Swing by Rachel Pattisson's and check out her Three Top Tips for Sleep, Glorious Sleep.

Prepare to be wowed by Adventures at Home's Little Light Theatre - amazing!

Querty Mum breaks the silence with a Pain in the Bum - a very common affliction and yet none of us talk about it - glad to see the taboo broken!

SuperAmazingMum shares her vision of the Future - just adorable!

The wonderful Penny shows us how to keep the kids quiet, whilst simultaneously ensuring they get the requisite five a day - the woman is a genius!

And finally, I am busily coveting Christine Mosler's Ninjabread Men - and I'm pretty sure you will be too :)

So - what did I miss? Do let me know via the comments...

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    From Chris at Thinly Spread
    Oh goodness! Thank you so much for including our ninja bread men, they would be delighted...if we hadn't scoffed them all!
    From Lucy Quick
    Hi Susan,

    You're welcome! It was a wonderful post. Hope you're doing ok xxx
    From Susan Mann
    Thank you so much for adding my post about my aunt to your march round up. I'm touched an honoured. Thank you x
    020 7255 9120 Phone