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Last Month in the Blogosphere - February 2011

Yay! It's March! That means it's Spring, right? Well nearly... Wish it was a bit warmer, but at least the daffodils help - I just love seeing their smiling, sunny faces. But before you launch yourself headlong into Spring, go grab a cuppa and check out my rather late round up for February.

If you only read one blog post this month, make it Let's Cut the Mum Bashing from Mum in the Mad House - nuff said!

Mummy Beadzoid's written a fab Flashback Friday post - a pic of her and her gorgeous little one on the day she finally got to take her home - so precious!

Next up is Kate C from the Five Fs - This is me, after a fashion -a portrait of her, by her daughter; it's a fabulous meme - I've really enjoyed following it around the web.

As a book lover myself I really enjoyed For the Love of Books I Pledge from Becky Goddard Hill on Book Reviews for Mums - it's a fabulous list of ways to spread your love of books - awesome!

Then head over the Alexander Residence for Heaven is Being Stuck in a Tin Can, in a Muddy Field, with my Family - a wonderful post about her love of caravanning and spending time with family.

Mostly Yummy Mummy ponders just how romantic (or otherwise) Valentine's Day really is in Be My Valentine.

Crystal Jigsaw leads the battle cry for real women everywhere in Curves in All the Right Places - too right, lady!

Mummy Zen seems similarly aligned on the romance front, but she has put together some fabulous arts and crafts ideas in Inspiration for Valentine's Day.

Last of the Valentine themed posts - Rosie Scribble lets us in on her secret to Mend a Broken Heart... If only it were always that simple!

And, finally - Nettie Thomson's struggling with Writers Block - or is she? :)

So what did I miss? Do let me know via the comments!

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    From Lucy Quick
    No problem. x
    From becky
    Thanks for including me Lucy. xxxx
    From Lucy Quick
    Hi Kate,

    You're welcome :)

    Strange that it didn't appear in Google Alerts - technology, eh?

    From Kate
    Thanks for the mention, Lucy. Only just found this - Google alerts normally picks stuff up like this but didn't.
    From Lucy Quick
    Hi Penny & Mummy Zen,

    You're both very welcome - glad you enjoyed the other posts too!

    Lucy xxx
    From Mummy Zen
    Thank you for including one of my posts! As always, some great reads in your selection. xx
    From Alexander residence
    Great round up Lucy. I am really enticed by all the post titles here. Thanks for including me. Penny :)
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