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Guest Post on Baby Budgeting

Becky from Baby Budgeting was kind enough to offer me a guest posting slot this month, so please do pop over to take a look and let me know what you think via the following link - Imaginative Play for Children

Whilst you're there do check out her other posts - the blog acts as a fantastic resource for parents who are watching the pennies - erm that'll be all of us then!

In her own words:

"Becky has 2 ambitions in life

1. To stay off work to raise her children 2. To be happy and fulfilled in her family life

Should be simple but these 2 ideals are becoming increasingly difficult for modern day parents to achieve. To this end Becky has been very creative over the last few years making and saving the money she needs to stay off work. She has run an extremely part- time take your baby along baby signing business, she has done many car boot sales, she has learned the wonders of eBay and Amazon, she has budgeted wisely and so much more. Writing her book is her chance to share all she has learnt with others and hopefully help build a whole community of sharing, smart thinking parents who can free up time to be with their children."

It's fab - I can't recommend it enough... Just remember to come back and see me here sometimes too :)

Lucy x


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