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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health has always been fundamental to well-being but, only recently, has it been given the attention it deserves.

The month of May shines a spotlight on mental health with Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK from 9 to 15 May. This year, the focus for the UK’s Mental Health Awareness Week is on loneliness which has become a more prevalent issue since the COVID pandemic began.

As an organisation whose mission is focused on child development, we are big advocates of promoting the excellent support and resources available on this important issue. These include tips on pre-empting mental health issues, activities to help adults and children understand mental health together and ways to aid open communication with young people.

Below are some resources we have found helpful or interesting in relation children's mental health. We’ll also be posting useful pages, articles and tips on our Facebook and Instagram pages through May, while encouraging our followers to share they experience and advice. Make sure you're following us to stay up to date! 

At Perform, our classes focus on activities which build confidence and promote  teamwork and communication skills which should naturally contribute to avoiding issues such as loneliness developing. However, they don’t directly address these areas.

If you have any suggestions for resources or tips which you think could help other parents, please do comment on our posts and start a discussion with other parents. As a Perform community of parents, we can all look out for each other!


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