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A step-by-step guide to the autumn term


It’s the end of the summer holidays and we are now extremely busy putting the final touches to our curriculum for Autumn Term 2014.

When I set up Perform nearly 15 years ago, I wanted to create a drama school which was about the children having the best fun of the week (because they have to love it) but at the same time giving them skills that would help them through life. For example, if you teach a child that projecting in a loud voice is important at the age of 5, they will remember and retain this for life and will stand them in good stead for everything they do.

So, we are passionate at Perform about the 4 Cs. That’s Confidence, Concentration, Communication and Coordination and each week we focus on a topic around this. I am currently finalising next term’s topics and thought I’d share the first few with you. Our focus will never be on getting your children into the West End (as brilliant as that is) but on creating happy and confident children who can have a go at everything they choose to do.

Week 1 will look at how we meet people for the first time. So many children (my own included) don’t look people in the eye when they first meet someone. Therefore, we'll spend some time on this, discussing and practising how we meet new people, giving them eye contact and saying hello confidently. Sometimes, when parents remind/cajole their own children, it’s not as effective. But they do it in role (as astronauts) and when they see their peers doing it happily too, they can learn much better.

The following week, we’ll look at how to use exciting vocabulary when we speak. For example, replacing boring words with exciting ones – which will help in their writing too in school.

Then throughout the term we’ll have workshops on Balance, Mime, Confident Body Language, Exploring Emotions, Volunteering, Storytelling, Hot Seating and Eye Contact.

There’s so much that we can cover but we have to do it in a fun way and that’s why drama is so powerful and the best way to help social skills.

I could go on forever, but I’d better continue checking over the plans.  If you are thinking of trying out Perform then do come along and do a Free Trial Session. We’d love to see you and here’s a little taste of the songs and poems we’ll be learning too.

Enjoy the last of the summer holidays!



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